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Searching for residential electrician in Calgary? You landed at a right place where your entire need will be taken care of from our well-trained electrician. Our electrical professionals are well acquainted with upgrading obsolete or redundant electrical services or panels to new one. All the while, we also help you make the modern panel to unleash its hidden potential with a sole aim to make it work much better compared to its previous performance.

Your electrical panel is the heart of your home – and we want to keep it healthier.

We are residential electricians Calgary who specialize in updating and installing residential panels and services. Our expertise lies in giving a wide range of secure solutions, right from replacing the old one to an elevating the power capacity of the new ones to put in place the top-level services.

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Best of 2017

Best of 2017 Trusted and professional, we’re a company that does everything in our power to deliver what you’re looking for when you’re looking for it.

In fact, we’re rated “Best of 2017” on the popular renovation rating website Home stars. Customer likes to prefer us as compared to others when it comes to renew or replace the outdated services panels.

We undertake all aspect of Residential Electrician Calgary to look into different issues that may crop up in replacing aluminium wiring or issues arise in repairing the electrical component. Apart from this, our electrical professionals have come up with an innovative solution for replacing the outdated service panel or step up the electric panel or lighting performance as per your needs.

Obviate all kinds of fear after having an eye-grabbing feature of Calgary Electrician Services

We offer a reliable and top-most Calgary electrician service which you likes to have every time when you encircle with some untoward electrical issues. Our team at Panel Upgrade provide all sorts of electrical services to make your resident safer.

We are capable of handling all residential electrical project with a state-of-art technology. We are composed of well-trained professionals to offer highly efficient and cost-effective upgrade electrical panel services with ease.

Familiar with pros and cons of the different electrical component. Therefore, handles it with an utmost care and caution.

List of Calgary electrician services are:

  • Engage with new builds.
  • Work with new fuse board and resolve the implication arises in the Earth bonding and emergency lighting to avoid any unpredictable things in the life.
  • Delve into issues stems in the Code compliance or backup power.
  • Provide a full range of solutions to have better saving lighting, landscape lighting, Outlet or switches.
  • Calgary electrician solves issues comes up in upgrading service panel, light controls or Motion sensors to boost its functioning.
  • We do take care of the underground wiring besides an internet wiring to prevent any mishaps in the future.
  • Remove fault-finding with a complete maintenance and repair services within a stipulated time.
  • Calgary electrician work dedicatedly to have error-free Kitchen installation.

Make your resident free from any Electrical Danger

This is not an end itself, our list often gets broaden depending on the new demand arises over the passage of time. Our residential electrician Calgary work till the residents get fully satisfied with our work. We work continuously to give high-quality services which you aspire to attain with respect to the electrical wiring of your resident. We have proven our excellence irrespective of the complication one may face in the fixing electrical issues in the different kinds of wiring. We truly believe in the fact that “time and tide waits for none”, therefore, strive hard to work in the pursuit of excellence while keeping the time in mind.

We are well-aware of the fact that “prevention is better than cure” therefore after doing an in-depth analysis, provide an error-free electrical maintenance or repair to prevent the likelihood of any mishap in the times to come.

Fed up with incorrect data cable installation! With PanelUpgrade, you will be relieved of from all tension. Our team on the basis of years of experience into this make you relax from all haphazard within seconds. They know what to do and how to do, to bestow a flawless experience anytime.

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Had a full breaker box that no longer fit our needs. Panel Upgrade Experts were excellent. They were able to get us taken care of quickly and did a fantastic job. I highly recommend their services.
Having Panel Upgrade Experts to complete my project of relocation of electrical Panel was an awesome experience. From the start until the completion of the project his professional attitude, commitment and punctuality are great assets.
Paul is exactly as advertised. Prompt, knowledgeable, friendly & efficient. Great admin support from Jacqueline as well. Very happy with the work done in my home, and would HIGHLY recommend.

Here are some questions to help you determine if you upgrade electrical panel from our electrician

Fuse panels are long obsolete in residential settings. There are multiple issues with having a fuse panel in your home. Human error or manipulation is one of them. Also, if you have a fuse panel in your home you probably have less than a 100 amp supply (100 amp is code for nearly all homes in Calgary). Your wiring may also not be grounded properly, so leaving you at risk of electric shock. Our Calgary electrician can fix all these issues for you.
We deal with insurance requested upgrades all the time. Set up an appointment for an estimate with one of our Calgary electrician’s and we can take care of all the required issues. We will also provide letters for the Insurance if needed. We can also deal directly with the insurer if they have any special requests.
Electrical panels and circuit breakers are like all appliances, and have a 15-20 year life expectancy. As the panel and breakers age the functionality diminishers. Circuit breaker can either trip more frequently (nuisance tripping) or not trip at all (putting the circuit at risk of overloading)
This is very common. Kitchen renovation can add up to 10 ew circuits to a house. If you have limited space in the panel it may be time for an upgrade. Our electricians can take care of both the electrical panel upgrade and any other electrical work you may need doing.
You may be overloading the circuit or the circuit breaker might be worn out. If you overload an old circuit breaker you have a higher chance of damaging the insulation of the wire. A new circuit breaker or electrical panel will ensure the highest level of protection.
It depends of a few different aspects. We can give a ballpark estimate over the phone with some simple questions. That way if you are looking to buy a home with an old electrical panel you have an idea of cost before purchasing.
Small electrical panels and low overhead wires are a very common issues with older house sales. This is not something that should scare you off from buying your dream home. We can give you an idea of cost over the phone or you can book a free estimate for an exact price. We can schedule the upgrade as close to move in date as possible to minimize the hassle.
Another common issue flagged with home inspections is ‘double tapping’ of circuit breakers (more than one circuit on a circuit breaker), this is against code. A panel upgrade will usually take care of this. In fact we can give you a good idea of cost by looking at the home inspectors report. Contact our office and let us know you are buying a house and the home inspector has some points that need looking at. We will be more than happy to help.
In some cases yes, but more commonly, we can remediate the aluminum wiring with a permanent fix without removing it. If needed, we can also rewire the house with minimal drywall damage. (Click here to find out more about Aluminum Wiring)
We find that many years of add-ons leave electrical panels a little worse for wear. Any electrician can add circuit to your panel but only an Expert can provide the level of job to our high standards.

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