On this job, the homeowner required additional power to run a new 60 amp Tesla charging unit. He currently only had one hundred amps of power coming into his garage and with his current usage, the additional load would push him over the available power. As part of being recommended by Tesla Motors, we need to perform a service load calculation. This is a calculation on the power you use with the electrical alliances in your home. We can then work out the maximum amount of power we can give you without overloading your panel.


Panel Upgrade Experts were recommended by Tesla to do the work for the client. We both upgraded the incoming power and installed the Gen 3 high power wall connector.

200 amp Panel Upgrade and Tesla Charger 3

The job entailed removing the old electrical meter socket and mast and reinstalling with a 200-amp. We did find the flashing was not installed correctly installed, as you can see in the picture. The metal flashing should be underneath the upper row of shingles which wasn’t, so this was fixed while we did the installation.


Enmax was scheduled to disconnect power at 8 a.m. which they did right on time. They reconnected power once the service mast and panel was complete. After this, we proceeded to install the Gen 3 Tesla high-powered wall connector. We install the gen 3 wall connector on a mat black mounting board to show off the glass front tesla charger

Once the Tesla charger was installed we calibrated the charger to 60 amps, this gives the maximum amount of power to the customer. The calibration takes place over Wi-Fi connection and the wall connector is directly connected to the internet for future updates.


The customer is very happy with the installation commenting on how neat and tidy the installation was and how clean the garage was left after installation.