Canadian Standards for Electrical Products

Every country has its own standards for electrical products. All the electrical products that are supposed to be operated within a country must fulfill the requirements of standards that are related to the electric power system, environmental codes, certification, and quality registration, etc. Like every country, Canada has its standards for electrical products to be [...]

History of Electricity

The Timeline and History of Electricity Briefly Explained Can you imagine what life was like when people didn’t have electricity to light their homes? It’s difficult to fathom how life could be back then because the electricity powers our entire world today. But how was electricity discovered, and how did it become a global power [...]

Baby Proofing Your Home and Electrical Outlets

Babies and toddlers are a curious bunch. They will want to touch or taste anything that they can get their tiny hands-on. And while this would certainly make for adorable YouTube content, this can be very dangerous when you have open electrical sockets everywhere.  So to keep your baby safe from their own curiosity, here [...]

Arc-Fault Circuit Breakers

New updates to include Arc-Fault circuit breakers on more circuits. With the new code updates coming into effect on the 1st of January this year we have more to think about when upgrading your electrical panel. New code now adopted outlines Arc-Fault circuit breakers to be used on more circuit than [...]

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