Double 100 Amp Panel and Service Upgrade

On this job the homeowner was a realtor and he needed to upgrade both sides of his duplex from 60 amps to a hundred amps. 60 amps is not sufficient for most modern houses and we typically upgrade these to 100 amps when the customer is buying or selling the property. On the day we [...]

200 Amp Panel Upgrade and Tesla Charger

On this job, the homeowner required additional power to run a new 60 amp Tesla charging unit. He currently only had one hundred amps of power coming into his garage and with his current usage, the additional load would push him over the available power. As part of being recommended by Tesla Motors, we need [...]

100 Amp Panel Upgrade

On this one hundred amp electrical panel upgrade the homeowner I previously had the electrical panel upgraded by another electrical contractor Calgary. Unfortunately, the previous electrician only installed a panel the same size as the old panel. This meant the homeowner ran out of the room when adding a couple of new circuits. When we [...]

70 to 100 Amp Panel Upgrade and Relocation in Mount Royal

This was a real fun job for some great clients in Mount Royal, Calgary. The homeowners have just purchased the property. One of the main points the home inspector had pointed out was the current electrical panel was only 70 amps. The code for a house of this size today is 100 amps. Many older [...]

100 Amp Panel Upgrade in Ranchlands

We upgraded a customer's 100 amp electrical panel to a new larger panel shortly after the owner purchased the home. The panel was the original panel of the house. The house which is located in Ranchlands, a community in the North West of Calgary was cosmetically renovated before the owner bought the house but he [...]

Re-Attached Electrical Meter Socket – Chestermere

The removal and reinstallation of an electrical meter base in Chestermere was a very interesting job. We received a phone call from an exterior contractor who we do work for. He is working on a house where water had been penetrating behind the stucco. The eavestrough had been poorly installed which had led to the [...]

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