Flood Damaged Panel Replacement

High River Alberta Flood Damaged Panel Replacement

flood damaged panel

Above is a picture of a finished panel that was a flood damaged panel in the 2013 Alberta floods.

The flood damaged panel at this house was located in the basement and the water came all the way up to the main floor. If took several days before the water subsided and we could get in to upgrade the panel.

Another contractor had already turned the flood damaged panel back on and had a few circuits running. The homeowners were concerned as the had been under water. There were fires around the town due to less than expert contractors turning back on flood damaged panel.

We arrived at the same time an inspector was there we both recommended that the panel be turned off immediately and replaced asap.

The flood damaged panel was also in a strange position behind the furnace so we moved the panel closer to the wall. This was the incoming service wires could be reused

The homeowner were very happy when we got the power back on and they were able to start working on cleaning up there home

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