Moving of 100 amp service – Calgary


On this job the homeowner was selling the property and the buyers inspector commented that the overhead 100 amp service was too low. (A deck had been built up high off the ground and the overhead service wires were now within reach!)

Our electricians worked hard to meet the current code of 11.5 clearance for the service wires. We used a larger than normal size service mast so we could raise the service as high as possible. We also had to remove some of the soffits to gain access to the roof where we fixed a pressure treated 2″x4″ piece of wood to give a superior fixing to the new higher service mast

Once the new service passed the city of Calgary inspection we arranged with Enmax to disconnect power from the old service mast and reconnect to the new higher service mast. After the house was re-energized on the new installation the old service mast and meter base where removed, leaving the homeowner with a new (and to current electrical code) service mast that was compliant with the buyers inspector


Pictures of the 100 amp service

100 amp service 100 amp service