Project Description

16.2kW Solar System in Westhills Calgary

This installation in Westhills Calgary, Alberta was completed using Longi solar panels and APSystems microinverters. Our skilled solar panel installation team worked hard though some difficult situations to get this solar project completed on time for the customer.

Our solar team had to contend with gale force winds as the property was elevated with beautiful views of the mountains. They also had to work around down pours that Calgary is known for in early summer.

The solar array was designed around the complex roof structure and takes advantage of multiple surfaces to ensure it’s receiving the maximum irradiance.

The solar array was large enough that our solar installation crew did a ‘line side’ connection to the power grid, which is not that common. This means the solar installation circuit connects directly to the meter and not to the electrical panel.

As with all our installations the City inspection passed with no issues and once all of the documents were submitted the how owner was generating solar power to provide green energy to his home and sell the excess back to the grid to provide green energy for the neighbours.