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5.6kW Solar Installation in Parkland, Calgary

5.6kW Solar Installation in Parkland, Calgary

This 5.6kW Solar System was installed in Calgary by our experts. The homeowner is a past customer of Panel Upgrade Experts and knew that we provide a quality service. Panel Upgrade Experts upgraded the homeowners electrical panel ready for this solar installation a few years back and with the Canadian Greener Homes Grant this was a great time to do the solar installation.

Rodent guard was added to this installation to prevent nesting birds from building nests underneath the solar panels. Although not required by code rodent guard can be very beneficial if you have birds like pigeons in the area. Bird nests under solar panels can create hot spots and damage the solar models. Feces from pigeons can also contain bacteria that may be damaging to your health if contacted. Solar panel rodent guard is a great addition to your solar installation to prevent this.


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  5.6kW Solar Installation in Parkland, Calgary   5.6kW Solar Installation in Parkland, Calgary

From Our Solar Client in Parkland

Paul and his team did an excellent job in fitting our new solar panels. They supported us through the entire process from applying for government grants to the installation itself, making the whole process both simple and smooth!This is second time we have used them in our home and as with the first time I was extremely happy with both their expertise and professionalism.They do a great job and I would certainly recommend them!!


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