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    Welcome to our Knob and Tube Wiring Section

    Knob-and-tube or K&T for short was commonly used in buildings in North America from about 1880 to the 1940s. This system is considered obsolete and can be a safety hazard.

    Knob and Tube Danger Facts

    • Though not dangerous in itself, dangers can accrue from this system due to its age, improper modifications, and situations where building insulation envelops the wires.
    • As knob and tube has no ground wire there is no protection against electric shock. Original two pronged outlets will not accept any three-pronged plugs.
    • While it is considered obsolete, there is no code that requires its complete removal.
    • It is treated differently in different jurisdictions. In some areas, it must be removed at all accessible locations, while others merely require that it not be installed in new construction.

    When comparing knob and tube wiring with its modern counterpart it is much less resistant to damage.  Knob and tube wiring is insulated with cambric or asbestos and is not rated for any exposure to moisture. Some older systems contain insulation with additives that may oxidize the copper wire. Knob and tube can become brittle and bending the wires may cause insulation to crack and peel away.

    Knob and tube wiring is often poorly spliced with modern wiring, causing the majority of the issues and fire hazards.

    Building Insulation

    Knob and tube wiring is designed to dissipate heat into the free air. Insulation  covering the wiring will disrupt this process. Insulation around K&T wires will cause heat to build up, and this creates a fire hazard. Poorly spliced or maintained knob and tube wiring buried under insulation is both dangerous and difficult in case of fault finding.

    What we do for you?

    We only have one course of action we recommend when facing knob and tube wiring and that is total replacement.

    First step will be to spend a little time tracing out all the circuits that are affected by the knob and tube. Many times we see old 2 pin plugs and new light switches both wired on the same knob and tube circuit.

    We take care of everything from pulling the permits, completing the work, to patching any drywall damage. We also remove all garbage and dispose of in our recycle bins.

    What is included in our service

    • Trace all knob and tube wiring in the home
    • Provide detailed estimate of necessary work
    • Providing floor coverings if necessary
    • Replacement of knob and tube wiring to current codes, meeting all required regulations
    • Repairing of drywall / plaster damage needed when wiring
    • Installation of new decora outlets and switches. Also any special plugs or dimmers can be installed
    • Removal of all waste and tidy of site
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