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This job consisted of a full-service upgrade from 60 amp electrical panel to a new 100 amp larger panel to deal with increase electrical loads. This was an electrical panel upgrade in Bowness, Calgary.

The owner needed a larger panel accommodate renovation that was going on at the time of installation. They have plans to renovate the basements but did not have room in the old fuse box for any more circuits.

We removed the old panel and electrical service from the side of the house. Installed a new panel board and panel inside the house (we moved the panel on to another wall in the basement to minimize damage to drywall.) We also moved the location of the meter a little on the side of the house as the gas meter was in the way and would not pass current code if re-installed in the same location.

The owner was able to leave us to complete the work unattended while they when to work safely in the knowledge that the work was being completed to the highest standard, and their house was in safe hands.

The owner was delighted to see the high standard of work when they returned home, and the project is well on its way to being ready for new tenants.

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