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Upgrading an old Electrical Panel in Ranchlands, Calgary

We upgraded a customer’s 100-amp electrical panel in Ranchlands, Calgary to a new larger panel shortly after the owner purchased the home. The panel was the original panel of the house.

The house which is located in Ranchlands, a community in the North West of Calgary was cosmetically renovated before the owner bought the house but he had concerns about the age of the electrical panel.

We typically suggest a life span of 15 to 20 years for an electrical panel. This electrical panel in Ranchlands was installed in the 1980s making the electrical panel nearly 40 years old.

The owner knowing this is well over the age of the panel contacted Panel Upgrade Experts (and another two electrical contractors) for estimates on a replacement.

We first scheduled an on-site visit to view the panel and discuss the owner’s expectations. The job was a pretty standard job for our estimator to view, but one point that was brought up was the owner wanted to expand a room closer to the panel. Knowing this we were able to move the panel over the left about 6-inches to center the panel on the smaller space.

Panel Upgrade Experts were successful in providing the winning bid for the job. We then continue the process by arranging Enmax for the power disconnection so the panel can be replaced.

This is a little bit of a process but it’s something we do for every upgrade and have a good system to book things it with the least hassle for the customer.

Our technician arrived on the day of install with Enmax already booked for the power disconnect. After a short talk with the owner to confirm there are no changes to the job, he started to disconnect all the branch circuits from the panel. Then we prepared the panel board to mount the new panel on.

We custom fit each board to the job to give the maximum amount of space for dressing in the wiring. By this time Enmax is ready for the disconnection.

Our technician was able to remove the old panel and install the new board and electrical panel within one hour. This saves a second visit from Enmax and saves our customers money.

After Completing The Panel Upgrade in Ranchlands, AB

From this point onwards it’s a case of dressing in all the branch circuits in the style that we dress all our panels. We always connect the panel the same so our customers know what to expect.

Panel Upgrade Experts pride ourselves on installing the neatest electrical panels in Calgary. The inspection by the city of Calgary was booked for the same day. The inspector came and passed the inspection without any deficiencies. He also commented on the neatness of the panel.

After the panel was complete, the circuits were tested and labeled. This is to provide the homeowner with the locations of each circuit in the house.

Why Choose Panel Upgrade Experts?

As with all jobs, our technician swept and vacuumed the work area. Our goal is to leave the job cleaner than when we arrived.

We left the new homeowner with a renewed sense of safety with a new modern panel which is both neat and functional.

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