Why are solar panels environmentally friendly?

Renewable energy is well-known for its ecological benefits and significance to the planet. Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as a method to minimize the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions - the so-called carbon footprint. However, when we examine the facts, solar panels are not entirely green since their production has some harmful environmental [...]

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Do solar panels function at night?

The straightforward answer is no; they do not function at night. The most common misconception about solar panels operating at night is that they are connected to a battery and use this backup power during the dark hours. This post will explain how net metering and backup energy make solar panels a good investment to [...]

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2022 Is the Year to Invest in Solar Panels in Calgary

Going solar in 2022, Albertans are choosing a more dependable way to reduce their carbon footprint and joining Canada in the fight against global warming. All of this in addition to reducing their family's yearly power expenses, while also increasing the value of their property. There are several additional environmental and home advantages that go [...]

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Solar Energy in Canada: All You Need to Know

Solar Energy in Canada: All You Need to Know Canada is in an excellent position to become a worldwide leader in clean energy production. Solar energy is essential in Canada's push toward a future based on renewable energy. It's critical to understand why we should go solar and how this type of energy might be [...]

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Benefits Of Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels make use of solar energy which is gotten from the sun’s radiation and it can be converted into electricity. It exists freely and due to advancement in technology, it can be harnessed in ways we never thought. Did you know solar power systems derive pure and clean energy from the sun? Installing solar [...]

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