You might not know this about Solar Energy

Solar energy has recently seen a tremendous surge in popularity, especially among home and business owners. The primary cause is the enticing mix of current solar panel efficiency and money-saving solar subsidies. Unless you live in Antarctica, you've undoubtedly noticed solar panel systems sprouting up all over your neighborhood and wanted to learn more about [...]

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Why are solar panels environmentally friendly?

Renewable energy is well-known for its ecological benefits and significance to the planet. Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as a method to minimize the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions - the so-called carbon footprint. However, when we examine the facts, solar panels are not entirely green since their production has some harmful environmental [...]

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The prospect for renewable energy in Alberta 2022

The demise of coal-fired power plants in Alberta has been well documented in recent years, but it's happening a lot quicker than anticipated. However, the transition from coal to renewable energy sources is going somewhat unnoticed. According to the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO), 14% of all electricity generated in the province in 2020 came [...]

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Solar in Calgary: your questions answered

Solar energy is the conversion of radiation from the Sun into heat. It causes chemical reactions or creates electricity through photochemistry. The amount of solar energy that reaches the planet is far over the world's current and projected energy needs. This widely dispersed supply has the potential to meet all future energy demands if adequately [...]

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Solar Energy in Canada: All You Need to Know

Solar Energy in Canada: All You Need to Know Canada is in an excellent position to become a worldwide leader in clean energy production. Solar energy is essential in Canada's push toward a future based on renewable energy. It's critical to understand why we should go solar and how this type of energy might be [...]

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