How do installers design your solar panels?

Most customers are unfamiliar with how professional installers plan their solar energy systems. That's why we created this article, which explains how solar installers design a solar power system for your home or business building. The choice and positioning of the solar system depend on the amount of space you have for solar panel installation, [...]

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Solar in Calgary: your questions answered

Solar energy is the conversion of radiation from the Sun into heat. It causes chemical reactions or creates electricity through photochemistry. The amount of solar energy that reaches the planet is far over the world's current and projected energy needs. This widely dispersed supply has the potential to meet all future energy demands if adequately [...]

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What you need to know about cleaning your solar panels

A solar panel is a piece of electronic equipment that converts sunlight into heat or electricity using solar radiation. Solar thermal panels, which convert sunlight into heat, and photovoltaic solar panels, which generate electricity from light, are the two types of solar energy devices. In both situations, the amount of sunshine they receive is critical, [...]

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Do solar panels function at night?

The straightforward answer is no; they do not function at night. The most common misconception about solar panels operating at night is that they are connected to a battery and use this backup power during the dark hours. This post will explain how net metering and backup energy make solar panels a good investment to [...]

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What is Solar PV System and How it Works

Solar energy is captured through solar panels and is turned in to electricity for businesses and homes utilization. The sun is actually a nuclear reactor and is releasing photons continuously. Photons are actually packets of energy that are traveling about 93 million miles to earth from sun in time of 9 minutes. There are enough [...]

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