Are Solar Panels a Good Investment for Homes in Calgary?

Are Solar Panels a Good Investment for Homes in Calgary? The cost of electricity can vary significantly depending on where you live in Canada. However, this summer, it has climbed to its highest levels due to its heavy dependence on natural gas supplies. On the contrary, renewable energy technologies have become more cost-effective and sustainable. [...]

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Facts about solar energy in Canadian winters

Canada is the world's second-largest nation with a wide range of climates. We Canadians are aware that there are significant climate distinctions from one region to another on any given day. We also know that winters in Canada can be extremely harsh, with daytime temperatures ranging between -5 and -15 degrees Celsius. And it's not [...]

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What you need to know about cleaning your solar panels

A solar panel is a piece of electronic equipment that converts sunlight into heat or electricity using solar radiation. Solar thermal panels, which convert sunlight into heat, and photovoltaic solar panels, which generate electricity from light, are the two types of solar energy devices. In both situations, the amount of sunshine they receive is critical, [...]

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The difference between Thermal Solar and PV Solar

Most people are aware that there are many alternative energy solutions on the market. But few know about the many solar energy technologies available. That's why we at Panel Upgrade Experts decided to cover this topic in our blog. In this post, we will compare two solar technologies: thermal and photovoltaic solar. Both types of [...]

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Benefits for Installing Solar Panel

Solar Electricity is one of the most environment-friendly forms of energy. Sunlight is directly captured via solar panels to harness its energy. It is abundantly available in most parts of the world throughout the year. Energy generated by solar panels is renewable because it is easily replenishable. Solar energy is ecologically sustainable because during energy [...]

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