Upgrading or Renovating Solar Panels – What’s the Best Choice?

Solar panels are a great way to save money on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. However, like any other equipment, they do not last forever. If you're unsure whether you should upgrade or renovate your solar panels, you're not alone in trying to decide between getting new solar panels for sale in Calgary [...]

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Can Solar Panels Fit on Any Roof?

Solar panel installations are becoming ever more popular in Calgary, with business and residential properties choosing to install them. However, many people want to know whether it is possible to install solar panels on any roof type or whether there is a criteria that needs to be met. We’ve found the answer you are looking [...]

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How Much Energy Do Solar Panels Create?

Solar panels are as popular as ever, with more people choosing to go for solar installation as a way to reduce their bills and improve their environmental efforts. If you haven’t yet taken the plunge then you may be wondering whether solar panel installations are worth investing in or not? To help your decision-making process, [...]

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Are Solar Panels Still a Good Choice?

Solar panels have been around for a long time, with many companies working hard to convince consumers to invest in them. If you are only just getting around to thinking about solar installation, you are probably wondering if it is still a good choice for your property. We took a look at the current solar [...]

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Should I Get Solar Panels For My Business In Canada?

If you own a business in Calgary, you’ll know that the energy bills to heat and light large properties are on a much greater scale than the average home, costing thousands of dollars per month. Oil, gas, and coal are traditionally used to generate the electricity your business consumes, and as a company, you can [...]

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Can I Power My EV With Solar Panels?

Millions of people use cars every day to make their daily journeys to places like work, school, or simply on local shopping trips, however, with the price of fuel increasing in recent months, more and more people are considering purchasing an electric vehicle (EV).  In Alberta, the main source of electricity generation for the past [...]

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Are Solar Panels a Good Investment for Homes in Calgary?

Are Solar Panels a Good Investment for Homes in Calgary? The cost of electricity can vary significantly depending on where you live in Canada. However, this summer, it has climbed to its highest levels due to its heavy dependence on natural gas supplies. On the contrary, renewable energy technologies have become more cost-effective and sustainable. [...]

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Common Solar Myths (Debunked)

Some homeowners may be hesitant to install solar panels on their roofs because they've heard or read something negative about it online. We live in an age of misinformation, and unless we diligently examine our sources, we might be prevented from living our best lives. PanelUpgradeExperts, on the other hand, are all about facts. Let's [...]

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Five Reasons to Go Solar – Solar panels in Calgary

Five Reasons to Go Solar - Solar panels in Calgary Are you considering putting solar panels on your home or building a battery bank? Solar rooftop panels and home batteries are now more affordable, accessible, durable, and efficient than they've ever been. If you’re still on the fence, we've compiled a list of five key [...]

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