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Hire The Expert Residential Electrician in Calgary

Are you looking for a residential electrician in Calgary? Panel Upgrade Experts strives to be Calgary’s leading installer of new electrical panels.  We specialize in upgrading old and outdated electrical panels and services to new, safe, and modern panels with enlarged electrical capacity.

Your electrical panel is the heart of your home and we want to keep it going strong.

We are Calgary based residential electricians who specialize in updating and installing residential electrical panels and services.  From replacing, modernizing, and upgrading to increasing power capacity, our expertise ensures you get the safe solutions you need and the quality you deserve.

Trusted and professional, we’re a company that does everything in our power to deliver what you’re looking for, when you’re looking for it.

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Out With The Old

Old electrical panels need to be replaced for a variety of reasons.  They do not have the capacity to keep up with today’s technology, they can cause your system to trip or they can even start a fire.  Whether you’re dealing with existing safety issues, water damage, renovations, or resale we can help.  Many of our customers have just purchased or are renovating an older home.

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As experts, we have undertaken hundreds of projects to upgrade electrical panels for our clients, and have successfully delivered excellent results to each of them.  We are also full service residential electricians in Calgary offering renovations and repairs, aluminium wiring replacement, electric car charger installs, lighting upgrades, solar panel installations as well as electrical panel and service replacements.  From extra plugs to new panels, we provide a comprehensive service, including everything from permits and inspections to finishing – and we guarantee all work and materials too. This is why we have become the foremost choice of numerous clients in Calgary, whenever they need a residential electrician.

Our Expert Team

Our strength is our highly trained and qualified team of residential electricians that have years of experience in handling electrical projects for residential properties in Calgary. Whether you are planning to build a new home, start a renovation, or upgrade your current panel, we can help.

We are highly dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction to our clients, and this is why they believe in us, and choose us to be a reliable partner to handle their electrical installations and repairs.   A long-term relationship is what we always strive to make with our valuable clients, and, we make every effort to ensure that they get results and services that meet their expectations every time.

So, if you are looking for a trustworthy Calgary electrician, then contact us, for a free estimate.

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Here are some questions to help you determine if you need new a electrical panel.

Fuse panels are long obsolete in residential settings. There are multiple issues with having a fuse panel in your home. Human error or manipulation is one of them. Also, if you have a fuse panel in your home you probably have less than a 100 amp supply (100 amp is code for nearly all homes in Calgary). Your wiring may also not be grounded properly, so leaving you at risk of electric shock. Our Calgary electrician can fix all these issues for you.
We deal with insurance requested upgrades all the time. Set up an appointment for an estimate with one of our Calgary electrician’s and we can take care of all the required issues. We will also provide letters for your insurance company if needed. We can also deal directly with the insurer if they have any special requests.
Electrical panels and circuit breakers are like all appliances, and have a 15-20 year life expectancy. As the panel and breakers age the functionality diminishes. Circuit breakers can either trip more frequently (nuisance tripping) or not trip at all (putting the circuit at risk of overloading).
This is very common. A kitchen renovation can add up to 10 new circuits to a house. If you have limited space in the panel it may be time for an upgrade. Our electricians can take care of both the electrical panel upgrade and any other electrical work you may need doing.
You may be overloading the circuit or the circuit breaker might be worn out. If you overload an old circuit breaker you have a higher chance of damaging the insulation of the wire. A new circuit breaker or electrical panel will ensure the highest level of protection.
It depends of a few different aspects. We can give a ballpark estimate over the phone with some simple questions. That way if you are looking to buy a home with an old electrical panel you have an idea of cost before purchasing.
Small electrical panels and low overhead wires are a very common issues with older house sales. This is not something that should scare you off from buying your dream home. We can give you an idea of cost over the phone or you can book an estimate for an exact price. We can schedule the upgrade as close to move in date as possible to minimize the hassle.
Another common issue flagged with home inspections is ‘double tapping’ of circuit breakers (more than one circuit on a circuit breaker), This is against the Canadian electrical code. A panel upgrade will usually take care of this. In fact we can give you a good idea of cost by looking at the home inspectors report. Contact our office and let us know you are buying a house and the home inspector has some points that need looking at. We will be more than happy to help.
In some cases yes, but more commonly, we can remediate the aluminum wiring with a permanent fix without removing it. If needed, we can also rewire the house with minimal drywall damage. (Click here to find out more about Aluminum Wiring)
We find that many years of add-ons leave electrical panels a little worse for wear. Any electrician can add circuit to your panel but only an Expert can provide the level of job to our high standards.

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