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Hiring a licensed electrician to relocate your electric meter is a smart move.

Whether you’re building a commercial development or moving into a new home, we can seamlessly manage the process according to your budget and timeline.

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Panel Upgrade Experts Ltd.: Providing Seamless Electrical Meter Relocation

Meters allow electric companies to quickly identify building issues and improve energy efficiency by monitoring real-time electricity consumption. 

While these meters are generally fixed in place, certain renovations may call for their relocation. 

It’s essential to understand that moving them is a task for trained electricians due to their hazardous nature.

Are you facing challenges with your electric meter during renovations? 

Trust our experts for a seamless transition, ensuring uninterrupted power and renovations. 

Let us handle the complexities so you can elevate your space with peace of mind through our specialized electric meter relocation services.

What To Expect from Panel Upgrade Experts’ Meter Relocation Service

Our experienced team will evaluate your current electrical setup before starting the relocation process.

Based on your renovation plans and needs, we can find the best location for your electrical meter relocation to match your property’s layout and plans.

Transparency is critical to our service. After our initial assessment, we’ll provide homeowners with a detailed breakdown of the relocation process and its associated costs.

Our estimates will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision without any obligation to commit financially.

Your satisfaction is our priority. Once the relocation is complete, we’ll conduct a follow-up check to ensure that everything is functioning optimally and meets your standards-emphasizing our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

We believe in the durability and quality of our work. That’s why all our electrical service upgrades come with a robust 2-year warranty. It covers both parts and labor, giving you peace of mind and assurance of the longevity of our work.

The relocation of an electrical meter is a meticulous process. While the physical move usually takes hours, we recommend starting the process early to ensure all steps are completed without hiccups.

Reliable Electrical Meter Relocation with Experts

Relocating an electric meter in Calgary demands intricate knowledge and expertise.

At Panel Upgrade Experts, we specialize in moving electrical meters to different areas of your property, like a detached garage.

Since 2013, we’ve consistently delivered services that exceed expectations.

Global News featured our expertise in a 2015 interview about the Calgary Enmax power outage.

We were also honored at the Ideal National Championship in 2018 and 2019.

Our trusted, accredited engineers ensure a robust and lasting infrastructure for your home or business.

We collaborate with seasoned technicians and coordinate with all necessary authorities to guarantee a top-notch, accredited result.

We pride ourselves on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Whether it’s a standard or Smart meter, we’ve got you covered.

If you have questions about the relocation, our planning team is here to help. 

While many Calgary electricians might claim expertise in this area, only Panel Upgrade Experts genuinely deliver on that promise.

FAQs About Electrical Meter Relocations

Safety is our top priority at Panel Upgrade Experts. We follow strict protocols and use specialized equipment during the relocation process. Our electricians receive regular safety training and conduct thorough checks before and after the relocation to ensure proper function and safety.

Your monthly billing and meter readings will be fine if your electric meter is moved correctly. The meter will still record your electricity use as it did before.

During the relocation, there may be a short period when readings aren’t recorded, but this won’t affect your billing. It’s good to inform your electricity provider about the relocation to ensure accurate billing.

We’ll place your meter in a safe and accessible location that follows utility company rules.

We’ll also match your preferences as best we can, but we will make you aware of any restrictions imposed by local or national electrical codes that need to be followed.

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