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Panel Upgrade Experts Ltd is a leading general electrical and solar installation company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Our highly skilled professionals specialize in electrical panel upgrades and solar energy solutions, establishing ourselves as a trusted provider of electrical services in our community.


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Since our establishment in 2013, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering top-quality electrical solutions to residential and commercial clients. We focus on providing reliable and efficient electrical services while promoting sustainable energy practices by implementing solar power systems.

We prioritize safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction at Panel Upgrade Experts. Our team of licensed solar and electrical specialists is well-versed in industry best practices and adheres to strict safety guidelines to ensure we complete every project to the highest standards. 

We understand the importance of delivering reliable electrical systems that meet the unique needs of our clients.

We Specialize In Solar and Electrical Services

Established on a commitment to sustainability, we are a team of experienced professionals specializing in solar and electrical Services.

Our passion lies in harnessing the power of the sun and transforming it into clean, reliable, and efficient energy. From installation, maintenance to repair of solar panels, we offer an extensive range of solar services, helping households and businesses make a significant shift towards a renewable future.

Since 2013 we have been a reliable electrical company, delivering high-quality solutions that meet all your residential and commercial electrical needs, especially when it comes to panel and service upgrades.

Panel Upgrade Experts in the News

In 2015, we were interviewed for our expertise during the Enmax power outage in Calgary and what this looked like for the city. 

In 2018 and 2019, we participated in the Ideal National Championship. This is an event highlighting electrical professionals’ skills. The same year, we were crowned the Ideal National Champions, further solidifying our position as industry leaders.

Panel Upgrade Experts Ltd actively participates in various memberships and associations within the industry.

Meet The Owner

Paul Hannania

Panel Upgrade Experts Owner

Second generation electrician and a fully qualified electrician in both Canada and the UK. Paul’s level of dedication of upholding the highest standards shows in all his work.

Meet The Team

Rhyan Herkel

Master Electrician

Rhyan is a red seal journeyman electrician and master electrician.

Joel Strachan

Lead Electrician

Born and raised in Calgary Joel is a red seal journeyman electrician, with work ranging from new construction to retro fitting entire buildings

Jill Silva

Office Manager

Jill will take care of any needs you may have when dealing with Panel Upgrade Experts.

What Our Have to Clients Say

We recently bought our first home with an old 60 amp electric panel with a list of code deficiencies. We asked Paul at Panel Upgrade Experts to review what we needed to get up to code, including installing a new electric panel, relocating our meter, installing a new mast, grounding circuits, etc. Paul was able to get in and do the work super quickly, professionally, and with great results. We now have a brand new 200 amp panel, grounded circuits, and with a whole home surge protector. Thank you Paul and team for a job very well done. Highly recommend!
Mike F (Kelo26)
Mike F (Kelo26)
The people at Panel Upgrade Experts were friendly and professional. They were able to answer any questions that were asked, in a timely manner, and their quote was adhered to while still being able and willing to make changes. We decided to use them to add solar panels to an existing system to make our home net zero. They provided an in-depth quote complete with a scope of energy costs and savings over the life of the panels. The install, while taking longer than expected (due to cold weather - no fault of their own), was quick and effortless on our part. I would definitely recommend them, and will absolutely be using them to upgrade our system in the future when we end up getting an EV.
Steffen Ralf Schneider
Steffen Ralf Schneider
Panel Upgrade did a fantastic job installing our Solar PV on the roof plus all the changes on the panel, permits, monitoring system and explanation of the system.
Lukas The Hardwood Guy
Lukas The Hardwood Guy
We recently got our panel changed and upgraded, moved overhead lines to underground. Paul and his crew did a grate job! They are on time, clean and professional. Highly recommended to anyone who needs electrical services.
Oscar Chen
Oscar Chen
It’s evident that Paul is an expert in whole panel replacement.from quoting to completing the work, he was highly proficient, professional, and pleasant to work with.
Dan Bent
Dan Bent
Very professional and expert work. Very easy to deal with.
Jerry Rukavina
Jerry Rukavina
Panel upgrade was completed professionally, on time, on budget.
Peggie Larsen
Peggie Larsen
They were prompt , efficient, courteous, and did the work for a reasonable price. A very positive experience.
Panel Upgrade Experts have done TWO installations for us: one in a town house condo in 2017, and recently another house installation in 2022. If someone tells you you can’t install a charger in your town house condo, I would STRONGLY recommend Panel Upgrade Experts. They are AMAZING!!!
Meredith Milne
Meredith Milne
Timely and great install. Top Drawer!

Our Partnerships

Panel Upgrade Experts are proud members of Solar Alberta, a community that promotes the adoption and integration of solar energy systems.

We are registered with the Certified Electrical Inspectors Program (CEIP), ensuring our services comply with the highest industry standards.

Furthermore, Panel Upgrade Experts takes great pride in being the first Tesla-approved electrician in Calgary.

We have received specialized training and are certified to handle Tesla electric vehicle charging installations, providing our customers with convenient and reliable charging solutions.

While our home office is in Calgary, Alberta, we dedicate ourselves to serving a broader area. 

We focus on providing exceptional services to Calgary and Southern Alberta. Our goal is to expand our reach, delivering our expertise and commitment to excellence to even more communities in the future.

We are passionate about our work at Panel Upgrade Experts, constantly striving for innovation and excellence in the electrical and solar industry. We aim to provide our customers with reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions, helping them meet their electrical needs while contributing to a greener future.

Contact Panel Upgrade Experts Ltd today to experience top-quality electrical services and solar installations tailored to your requirements.