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Aluminum wiring can be replaced with copper or repaired to effectively and permanently reduce the possibility of fire and injury due to failing wire connections and splices.

It is essential that you hire a qualified electrician to perform this remediation.


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Aluminum Wiring in Alberta – A danger from the Past

Traditionally, homes built between the 1960’s and early 1970’s were wired with aluminum wiring. Then, around the mid-1970’s, aluminum wiring was labeled a fire hazard and was replaced with copper wiring. Today, only copper wiring is used in building construction.

The Dangers of Aluminum Wiring

Serious fire hazards can occur when aluminum wiring is spliced, or connects with an outlet, circuit breaker, switch, or other components of an electrical system.

To add to the danger, aluminum wiring shrinks and expands, and these constant changes to the aluminum wiring can easily result in overheating, causing sparks which ultimately can lead to fires.

How can Panel Upgrade Experts Help?

Aluminum wiring can be replaced with copper or repaired to significantly reduce the risk of fire.

By reducing the possibility of fire and injury due to overheating connections and splices throughout the electrical system.

For technical work like replacing aluminum wiring, you must hire a qualified electrician with experience.

Aluminum wiring is 55 times more likely to cause a fire than copper wiring - don't take the risk!

This heightened risk is attributed to the inherent properties of aluminum – it expands and contracts more than copper, leading to loosened connections and increased potential for overheating and sparks.

The risk of electrical fires only increases every year in both homes and businesses. Recognizing this danger, it’s crucial for property owners in Calgary to consider the safety and peace of mind that comes with rewiring to copper.

Copper wiring is known for its stability, durability, and superior electrical conductivity, drastically reduces these risks. By opting for copper wiring or other aluminum remedial options, you’re not just complying with modern safety standards, but also proactively protecting your property, belongings, and most importantly, the lives of those within from the hidden dangers of outdated aluminum wiring.

What the Experts Can Do For You?

When it comes to aluminum wiring, Panel Upgrade Experts recommends one of two options, either a full replacement to copper wiring or alumiconn remediation.

Both of these options significantly reduce the risk of fire.

In line with this, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends repair methods or products only where there is satisfactory, documented evidence that the methods or products meet the following criteria:

Based on these standards, we only use the following two methods for a permanent repair aluminum wiring:

Option 1 – Total Replacement

Panel Upgrade Experts can replace the copper in your entire house. With a total rewire, drywall damage isn’t uncommon, however our electricians are highly skilled in this and customers are usually amazed at how minor drywall damage is caused.

Copper wiring is installed to today’s current code, we can also add extra outlets and lights. Many people like to take advantage of this to install spotlights and other electrical upgrades to their property.

Sometimes an electrical panel upgrade is also needed, as we often install more circuits than we remove to maintain code standards.

Option 2 – AlumiConn Remediation

Aluminum wiring remediation usually involves a ‘pig tail’. We use an AlumiConn to pig tail a copper link from the aluminum wire to the switch, plug or light.

This option is far less intrusive than option 1 and an also be completed in a much shorter time span.

All plugs and switched would be removed and replaced with new white decora style devices. AlumiConn connectors would be installed on all aluminum splices in the device boxes and on light connections.

We also upgrade electrical panel and install combination arc-fault breakers on the 15 amp aluminum wired circuit. This gives a second level of protection against arcing and ensures protection of any wires damaged inside the wall or ceiling.

Aluminum wiring in Canada

It is estimated that there are over 450,000 homes in Canada that are wired entirely with aluminum wiring. Studies confirm that these homes are 55 times more likely to have a fire hazard condition present than homes wired with copper. 

Most of these homes were built in the 1960’s to late 1970’s. Problems began to surface where aluminum was used in branch circuit wiring. Over time aluminum tends to oxidize when exposed to air, resulting in overheating, and eventually failure at the termination points.

Why Is Aluminum Wiring So Dangerous?

Aluminum wiring is not as resilient as copper and also has a higher rate of expansion, which can cause loose terminations and connections, resulting in possible arcing, melting and even fire.

Breakage, due to improper stripping of the wires or over-tightening of the wires during the installation stage, has created further problems. 

Because of these concerns, aluminum wiring is now banned from use in branch circuit wiring.

Insurance companies are wary of homes with aluminum wiring and most companies require a complete electrical safety inspection by a trained and certified electrical contractor before policies are sold or renewed. 

Electrical modifications are usually needed and in some cases complete rewiring is recommended to reduce the risk of a house fire.

Ready to Upgrade Your Electrical Wiring in Calgary and improve property safety?

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Take the first step towards ensuring the safety of your home or business. With the significant risks associated with aluminum wiring, waiting is not an option. Upgrade to copper wiring now and secure your property against potential electrical hazards.

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