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Unleash the Power of Solar Panels with Panel Upgrade Experts

Unleash the power of solar energy and transform your home and business with solar panel installations. By harnessing the sun’s power, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and decrease your reliance on fossil fuels. Solar panels provide a reliable and low-maintenance energy source that allows you to enjoy clean electricity for years.

If you’re looking for a dependable partner for your solar panel installation needs, you can depend on Panel Upgrade Experts to deliver high-quality solutions and exceptional customer service.


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Why trust Panel Upgrade Experts with your solar panel installation?

At Panel Upgrade Experts, we understand that investing in solar panels is a significant financial and environmental decision, and we aim to provide our customers with exceptional value for their money.

Our expert technicians specialize in seamlessly integrating top-notch solar systems into residential properties with precision and attention to detail, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

Awards and Accreditations

We are a proud member of Solar Alberta, staying up-to-date with trends to provide cutting-edge solar solutions to our customers. As a registered member of CEIP, we uphold quality and professionalism, supporting clean and renewable energy efforts. And being the first Tesla electrician in Calgary, we seamlessly integrate Tesla products into solar panel systems for optimal performance.

Reliability, Dependability, And Trust

Panel Upgrade Experts prioritizes reliability, trust, and customer satisfaction in every aspect of our solar panel installations. We use high-quality components and expert technicians to achieve long-lasting, efficient systems surpassing industry standards. We prioritize transparent communication and ongoing support to build long-lasting relationships based on trust and integrity.

Serving a Variety of Commercial and Residential Solar Solutions

We provide solar energy solutions for both commercial and residential needs. Our expertise extends across various industries, allowing us to deliver efficient and sustainable energy solutions that benefit your bottom line and the environment.

Whether you’re a retail store, office, hotel, restaurant, club, pub, café, bakery, healthcare facility, hospital, stand-alone store, warehouse, factory, workshop, sports facility, educational institution, supermarket, or shopping mall, we have tailored solar solutions.

Home Solar Installations

Experience a one-of-a-kind home solar installation process that harnesses solar energy. Our approach is tailored to your home’s energy needs, providing sustainable solutions. We maximize sunlight exposure with carefully installed solar panels, connecting them to your electrical grid or battery storage system. We provide ongoing support to optimize efficiency, reduce energy costs, reduce environmental impact, and enhance energy independence.

Commercial Solar Installations

Discover the extraordinary potential of Commercial Solar Installations, where sustainability and profitability converge to create a truly unique energy solution for businesses. Once the installation is complete, your business will enjoy the remarkable advantages of solar power, including substantial energy cost reductions, enhanced energy resilience, and a notable reduction in carbon emissions. But the benefits continue beyond that by switching to commercial solar installations to boost sustainability and establish your business as a green leader.

What is our solar panel installation process?

Design and Proposal

When we start installing solar panels, we go through a careful process. First, we work with homeowners to design a solar system that fits their energy needs and available space. Then, we give them a proposal that includes the system's specifications, estimated costs, and expected energy savings.


After approval of the design and proposal, we move on to the installation phase. Our skilled technicians and solar professionals carefully bring the vision to life. They position the solar panels for the best sunlight exposure and secure them on roofs or the ground. The wiring process is done carefully to ensure safe and efficient energy production.

Powering and Testing Your System

With the physical installation completed, we focused on powering the solar system and conducting rigorous testing. This critical stage connects the solar panels to the electrical grid or battery storage system. Our team configures inverters and monitoring devices, ensuring seamless integration with the existing electrical infrastructure of the home. We verify the solar setup's functionality, performance, and safety.


At the final stage of our solar installation process, we are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and providing long-term peace of mind. We prioritize using top-quality materials in our solar installations, ensuring longevity for over 20 years. Our comprehensive warranties on panels and inverters cover performance, durability, and reliability. We guarantee you will have a worry-free experience with their solar installation by reviewing warranty terms, addressing concerns, and providing ongoing support.

Solar Panels FAQs

Solar panels generate electricity based on efficiency, system size, and sunlight exposure. A well-designed system can provide a significant amount of electricity for a household—about 1,292 kWh per month.

Local governments offer financial incentives for solar installations through the Residential and Commercial Solar Program, such as Greener Homes Initiative. You can also consider the Canada Greener Homes Loan, PACE Alberta, or RBC for additional financial help

To install solar panels, you must first check the local regulations and obtain the required permits. Homeowner associations and local bylaws may have specific rules regarding the panels’ placement, appearance, and safety. Don’t hesitate to contact us for help gathering this vital information.

Experience a Greener Future; Solar Today, Save Money Tomorrow

Embrace the opportunity to shape a greener future with solar panels for your home or business. Our dedicated team at Panel Upgrade Experts is here to guide you through this transformative journey.

Take action today and discover the potential of solar energy to create a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow.

If you have any inquiries or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is always available to assist you with current and reliable information, call us today.

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