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60 amp Fuse Box Upgrade to 100 amp Electrical Panel

One of a double 60 amp fuse box Upgrade | Calgary

This job was a double service change on a side by side duplex in the south west of Calgary. We upgraded both sides of the duplex which had an each 60 amp supply. We installed a new 100 amp electrical panel on each side of the duplex.

We completed each installation separately from the other, as each service change was a full day’s work for our electricians.


Both sides of the duplex are owned by the same owner and are rented as revenue properties. We arranged with the owner and the tenants the best time to do the upgrade and managed to upgrade the panel while the tenants were at work.

The electrical panel was located in a bedroom in the basement of both sides of the duplex. Our electricians left the room as clean as when they found it. We understand that the job isn’t finished until out customer is happy, so we always go the extra mile whenever we can.

Pictures of the installation after the 60 amp Fuse Box was replaced

60 amp Fuse Box

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