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Baby Proofing Your Home and Electrical Outlets

Babies and toddlers are a curious bunch. They will want to touch or taste anything that they can get their tiny hands-on. And while this would certainly make for adorable YouTube content, this can be very dangerous when you have open electrical sockets everywhere.  So to keep your baby safe from their own curiosity, here is how you can protect your bundle of joy.

How to Child Proof Electrical Sockets

Changing the electrical sockets

A good way to childproof your electrical sockets is by changing them altogether to spring-loaded shutter sockets.

If your home is a little old and is due for renovation, then it is possible that you may be using old electrical outlets with no shutters in them. You may have the three-pin shutter socket that pulls down the shutter from the top neutral pin. It can be very dangerous to keep both of these switches open around your toddler, as they might be able to insert their finger or any other toy into the socket.

However, certain electrical sockets protect your child from accessing them. These switches require all pins to go into the switch simultaneously, which will pull the shutter down. They ensure that children are not able to hurt themselves, as they cannot insert toys into both the switches at the same time.

Socket Caps

If you are not looking to replace the electrical sockets in your home, you can also get socket caps. As the name implies, these caps completely cover the socket tightly and reduce the possibility of toddlers accessing them.

Since babies will have to remove this cap to gain access to the socket, you can rest easy when leaving hem near one of these capped outlets. These caps are very easy to install but can be hard to remove with small hands. Just be sure that you install the cap as soon as you are done using the socket.

Stop Them from Playing With Wires

Other than the electric circuits, your toddler can also play with the loaded electric wires that can be very dangerous. So, to keep your baby from accessing these loaded cables, you should conceal them in dedicated spaces.

Permanent wiring solutions should go into the wall or floor of your home, whereas temporary wiring solutions should go into cable ducts or conduits. As for appliances that have to go into electrical sockets, you will have to buy electric socket covers. These covers allow for cables to connect but do not allow them to come out, essentially keeping your child from yanking a wire out.


Keeping your child safe from the threat of electrical outlets should be one of your top priorities since that can lead to serious issues down the line. With the help of these solutions, you can easily prevent any damage from occurring to your child. These solutions will also help keep your wires safe from various forms of damage.

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