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Benefits for Installing Solar Panel

Solar Electricity is one of the most environment-friendly forms of energy. Sunlight is directly captured via solar panels to harness its energy. It is abundantly available in most parts of the world throughout the year. Energy generated by solar panels is renewable because it is easily replenishable. Solar energy is ecologically sustainable because during energy generation solar panels do not emit harmful greenhouse gasses. Greenhouse emissions from a traditional power plant are 20 times more than they are from solar. Solar panels are easy to set up and they do not need complex installations. Also, solar panel manufacturers offer the warranties of up to 25 years and solar panels pay off their investment in less than 20 years.


In Canada, solar power is increasingly being adopted due to the numerous benefits it offers. The majority of the solar panels are being installed by the homeowners who want to cut down on their utility bills. Alberta is presently ranked as the third-best province of Canada for the installation of solar panels because it gets a lot of sunlight and the efficiency of solar power is 15%. Installations of solar panels in Calgary City are at a record high and the annual growth is 25%.


Solar panels in Calgary are a viable alternative to existing conventional power sources. Hybrid systems are becoming popular in which homes are connected to the power grid as well as solar panels. If solar power is not available, then power from the grid is used, whereas energy generated from solar panels can be sold back to the utility company when solar panels produce excess energy. This process of selling energy is called net metering and it is a huge incentive for the people willing to install solar panels. Net metering is ideal for the summer season when there is plenty of sunlight and panels generate more energy than needed.


Electricity prices are on the rise and it makes a lot of sense to invest in solar power. High prices are motivating people to adopt solar energy rapidly. The benefits of installing solar panels are twofold, it provides cheap energy as well as saves grid power by providing a cooling effect in summer. Solar panels installed on the roof reflect the sunlight away from the building and decrease the inside temperature by up to 5 °F. Cooler temperature contributes to saving air conditioning costs in summer. It is also noted that people installing solar panels became more conscious about energy conservation and they started using their energy more responsibly resulting in even more savings. This effect is often termed as the solar panel effect.

Climate change has started to cause severe weather conditions and the use of renewable energy sources is the best way to fight this change. Solar power has several environmental benefits such as it has a low carbon footprint and an increase in solar energy production potentially decreases the use of energy produced by fossil fuel.

Investments in solar panels are quite valuable for people living and working in Canada, especially in Calgary. There are immense benefits associated with solar panel installation such as monetary and environmental benefits.

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