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Can I Power My EV With Solar Panels?

Millions of people use cars every day to make their daily journeys to places like work, school, or simply on local shopping trips, however, with the price of fuel increasing in recent months, more and more people are considering purchasing an electric vehicle (EV). 

In Alberta, the main source of electricity generation for the past four years at least has been from natural gas. Yes, it’s true that the use of renewables has been increasing year on year, however as it stands a lot of EVs in places like Calgary are actually being run on natural gas. This is quite a shocking fact considering most owners of EVs have made that leap to electric to stop the use of fossil fuels from causing harm to the environment. 

However, there is a better way, a more sustainable way to power your EV without the guilt associated with polluting the environment – professional solar panel installation to charge your EV. 

Can Solar Panels Really Charge My EV Fully?

The short answer to this question is a definite yes!

We’re all familiar by now with the way solar panels work. Energy is taken from the sun to power photovoltaic cells which store the energy generated in batteries. It seems simple then that if we get solar panel installation in Calgary for our EV that it will solve the issue completely, allowing your EV to run on a completely renewable energy source. 

There are other factors to consider though, such as how much electricity can actually be generated somewhere as far north as Canada, and how much you will be using your EV. 

One good point to bear in mind is that the prices of both electric vehicles and solar panels are getting cheaper all the time as their popularity spreads. So, there’s never really been a better time to pair the two together and make your every car journey zero emissions. 

Energy bills have been rising steadily in Canada and across the world, but an EV powered by solar negates this price increase, essentially allowing you to drive for free in a clean way on every trip after the initial investment you have made. 

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Solar System To Power Your EV?

As we’ve already discussed, being zero emissions and avoiding rising energy rates are two of the main factors why it’s an investment worth considering, but driving purely on sunshine has a host of other benefits. 

It’s a given that your overall carbon footprint will be reduced drastically, but any excess electricity generated can also power your home too. 

It’s also been noted that properties with solar panels and EV charging systems can command a higher price tag than those without. You’ll also benefit from easy charging with flexibility. No more trips to the gas station, you can sit back with your feet up enjoying a nice cup of coffee while your car charges overnight. 

If you’ve been considering solar panels to charge your EV, or even if you need EV charging stations added to your property linked up to the solar, give Panel Upgrade Experts a call today or fill out our contact form and we’ll be happy to provide a free consultation of your requirements. 

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