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Can Solar Panels Fit on Any Roof?

Solar panel installations are becoming ever more popular in Calgary, with business and residential properties choosing to install them. However, many people want to know whether it is possible to install solar panels on any roof type or whether there is a criteria that needs to be met. We’ve found the answer you are looking for, so take a moment to check it out now!


Can Solar Panels Fit Onto My Roof?

We understand that every roof is different and so working out if you are able to install solar panels can be a complex process. However, in most cases, solar panels are a suitable option and can provide you with a great energy saving solution. The reason why most roof styles can now have solar panels installed is because there are a number of ways to fit them. From mounting rails and clamps to choosing flashings or ballast to fix, we will work hard to solve your solar panel installation request. 

In some cases, your roof may be too small or steep for installation or it could be that your roof condition is not as good as it could be and so choosing solar panels may need to wait – whatever the outcome, our team is here to make sure that you get the right information without any hassle.


Can I Use Solar Installation on a Flat Roof?

There is a common misconception that flat roofed properties are not suitable for solar panel installations, but this is not the case. In fact, many flat roofs are better for installation as there is a larger space for the panels to sit and a secure layer to install them.

If you have a flat roof then there are a number of free-standing solar solutions to choose from. Many clients worry that a free standing system will not be sturdy or weatherproof but this is not the case. Once your solar panels have been put into position, we will then work to weigh them down into place using ballast, giving you the peace of mind and the energy solution that you’ve been looking for.

Ground Mounted Solar Panel Calgary

If you find that your roof is not suitable for solar panels or you do not like the idea of installing solar panels on your roof then you can choose to have a ground mounted system instead. Ground mounted solar panels do take up a lot of room and so you will need to have adequate outdoor space available so that you don’t end up losing your garden for your installation.

Find Solar Installers Near Me

If you are ready to find Calgary-based solar panel installers then we are here to help. From your initial site survey all the way to your installation date, we are here to help. All you need to do is reach out to our solar experts to discuss your specific needs and set a date for your first appointment – we can’t wait to hear from you!


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