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Circuit Breaker Panels

It is a matter of great importance that we all must know of the circuit breakers, its operation, and maintenance if necessary, in an emergency. The circuit breaker box is located in every house somewhere. In a few houses, it is located in the garage, in a few, it is in the basement, while in a few it is on the attic. Therefore, one person in every house must know what it is as it helps in troubleshooting issues related to electricity and associated dangers.

Understanding circuit breakers is not difficult. This article is dealing with the necessary information on circuit breaker panels and associated information.

Working of Circuit Breaker

The main circuit breaker of a house is a big switch which is distributing the electrical power to the entire house and its appliances safely. The breaker box consists of a few small switches which are connecting points of different distinct areas of a house. The small switches are also known as breakers and its major functionality is the assurance of electric safety. Therefore, you must also know of the sub-switches along with the main breaker of your house.

Importance of Circuit Breaker

The electricity from the utility company is acquired through the main cable which is connected to the meter of house and the meter is then letting electric power to the house through the circuit breaker box. The circuit breaker box is eliminating any chance of hazard to people living in the house and appliances such as HVAC systems, television, and refrigerators, etc. The circuit breaker is supplying power, however, it is also designed so as to protect the electrical sockets and wiring from any sort of shock and fire due to short circuit, avalanche, or surge current.

Features of The Circuit Breaker Panel

The following are some of the major features of the circuit breaker panel.

  1. The main circuit breaker of the house is in the form of a big switch that goes ON and OFF eventually. In case of any overload or avalanche current, the breaker goes OFF automatically.
  2. The small switches in the circuit breaker panels are allowing only 15 to 20 amperes to pass through them. When current rises beyond this limit, the switches go to the OFF position. Such switches are known as a single-pole breaker.
  3. The double pole breaker is switches that have higher ampere ratings and are able to handle more than 240V. Such breakers are designed for the safety of appliances such as television, refrigerator, and water heater, etc.
  4. The Arc fault breaker or circuit interrupters are for special purposes and are used against fire protection.
  5. The bus bars are for the connection of two columns or rows of breakers in the main circuit panel.
  6. The sub-panels are minor breakers which are for the handling of additional circuits in the house for installation of new appliances.

Guideline for Replacement of Circuit Breaker Box

The reliability and longevity of the circuit breaker box are very long and can be used for more than 40 years. However, replacement after 20 years is recommended. Else, it must be replaced if the following signs appear.

  1. Continuous tripping of circuit breakers.
  2. No reset of circuit breakers.
  3. Overheating of appliances.
  4. Burning like smell.
  5. Any physical damage to the circuit box.

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