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Double 100 Amp Panel and Service Upgrade

On this job the homeowner was a realtor and he needed to upgrade both sides of his duplex from 60 amps to a hundred amps. 60 amps is not sufficient for most modern houses and we typically upgrade these to 100 amps when the customer is buying or selling the property.

Double 100 amp Panel and Service Upgrade 2

On the day we planned to do the job we turned up a little early to run through the job, as there are a few extra moving parts than your typical Upgrade Electrical Panel in Canada. Both sides of the duplex were to be completed in one day. We started by removing both of the electrical panels and the old service and metre sockets then we installed the new mast through the roof. As the roof is a low pitch which is common on duplexes the standard flashing will not seal the service mast like on a shingle roof. The homeowner / realtor had a roofing contractor come the day after to repair the penetration through the roof membrane. .

Double 100 amp Panel and Service Upgrade 3

A new 200 amp mast to a double 100 amp metre base was installed over the holes from the original metre sockets. This way we minimize the damage to the stucco that was left visible. Each side of the duplex had its own individual 100 amp electrical panel installed and both have new 100 amp service conductors from the metre socket to each panel.

Double 100 amp Panel and Service Upgrade 4

The homeowner was very happy with the job when complete and was impressed with the efficiency of all of the technicians and the scheduling of both the city of Calgary for the inspection and Enmax for the disconnection and reconnection of the power.

The entire job was completed in a single day as planned and with minimal disturbance to both the homeowner and the tenants. This was another very successful job by the whole team at Panel Upgrade Experts in Calgary.

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