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How Electric Panel Works?

One of the major components of an electrical system of a house or any building is an electrical panel when understanding the system is considered. The electrical panel is often installed in the garage of a house and topmost or basement of a giant building. On the opening of an electrical panel, there are various types of circuit breakers either in single or multiple columns. Moreover, there is also the main switch for the control of entire columns.

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Circuit Breakers

The circuit breaker is equipment that controls the electrical current flowing through or within a specified outlet and is for the purpose of protecting the house or building from avalanche current. The avalanche or surge current is at the time whenever certain appliance such as air-conditioner or refrigerator is drawing more current than required because of any fault or lightning etc. The current overload means that when more amperes are flowing through any circuit that is far beyond its handling capacity. For instance, the certain wire is having a capacity to allow 20 amperes of current through it, then a breaker of 20 amperes is required for it in order to stop any potential damage.

These are some of the reasons due to which there is a necessity for designing circuit breakers which are essential for safety to eliminate chances of fire. Whenever excess current is flowing through the breaker, the switch is automatically breaking the circuit and is flipped to OFF from the ON position.

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Labeling of Electrical Panels and Circuit Breakers

Labeling the entire electric panel and especially circuit breakers are of great importance. The labeling of circuit breakers is avoiding any sort of confusion that may incur. This is how you would know which breaker is for which of the room or area and how will the breaker be in ON or OFF position. Some electrical panels are further simplified i.e. a breaker is installed for every appliance of the house. This is how the identification process becomes easy to a further level.

In Case if you moving to a new house, and there is no labeling on its electrical panel, then you must take care of it and label if to perfect flow. Look for the appliances and areas around the house with each breaker’s effect and then label accordingly.

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Dangers of Electric Panels

According to statistics, almost 250 people die because of electrocution in Canada annually. The power is leaving the electrical panels in energized from which are working through devices or outlets and when the power comes back to the panel through neutral wire electrocution occurs. Electrocution is whenever a person is touching the neutral or hot wire or conductor causing a current and circuit is completed through the body towards the ground.

Therefore, whenever working on an electric panel or circuit breakers, don’t forget to turn its position to OFF. Electricity is very dangerous and is causing injuries and even deaths. Therefore, if you think you are not able to handle the task that you are going to perform, better to call and invite a professional Calgary Electrician instead of risking your life.

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