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Future of Solar PV Systems

Future of Solar PV Systems

Solar PV systems have seen a huge spike in the development in the last decade. Numerous challenges have been faced in the development phase. Some of the challenges comprise setting up price targets up the bar, rapid technological advancements, and expectations of the consumers. No matter what, the industry of solar power harvesting has seen its growth and numerous techniques have been designed and proposed for power harvest. The most popular and fruitful technique was however power harvesting through solar photovoltaic cells.


Drawbacks of Solar PV Systems

One of the major drawbacks that solar power harvesting has seen is the little duration during the day in which electricity can be made through photovoltaic cells. The drawback is also due to the reason that current photovoltaic cells are harvesting power from solar radiation up to 20 percent which is very low. Therefore, there is a need for research to be made for the development of photovoltaic cells to harvest power inefficiently manner and increasing its efficiency by up to 70 percent at least.

Advancement in Technology Solar PV Systems

As the pace of advancement in technology is very fast. Therefore, it is anticipated that the future of the solar PV systems is very bright like the sunlight itself. The statistics of the past decade has shown that there is an increase in the development of solar power system up to 15 percent each year.

The advancement in technology has given birth to bifacial or dual-faced PV modules which can expand the energy harvesting. Moreover, on mounted solar tracking modules have also been made for maximizing energy harvesting. The latest experimental implementations of bifacial PV arrays mounted on solar tracking modules have shown significant improvements in the harvesting of solar energy. Such deployments have been made in the USA, Egypt, Canada, and Brazil, etc.


Preference for Solar Power System

The cost of the energy harvested through the solar PV system is about 75 percent less than that of energy produced through conventional methods such as fossil fuel. Therefore, fossil fuel is becoming far less competitive when compared to solar power, especially during the peak time of solar energy harvesting. However, it is a fact that when the sun is set to dusk, the solar power harvesting is less and there is a need to quickly switch from solar power to conventional fossil fuel-based produced electricity.

This is the main reason that in dynamic markets of energy production, the electricity price per unit is very low during day time and is dramatically increasing during the night peak time for compensation of solar power going offline. This problem can be sorted out if a certain charge controller is designed which is able to charge up the battery bank quickly when solar power is at its peak and simultaneously solar energy is delivered for regular use as well.

Clean Energy Green Environment

Currently, we are seeing enough steps are taken for the transition to green and clean energy for a sustainable environment. This is because of severe changes to climate and therefore renewables and clean energy sources are promoted. This is also one of the reasons for the solar power system to have a bright future because it will definitely help to sustain a green environment.

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