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Solar Energy in Canada Facts

Are you a solar panel owner or thinking about having them installed? You are not alone! There are many solar panel enthusiasts in Canada who are enjoying the benefits of energy-efficient living and want to share what they have learned about solar panel ownership. To help you make a decision about whether you want to join them, we’ve shared some of the most interesting solar energy in Canada facts for you to enjoy – check them out now.

Alberta Has the Most Solar Potential in Canada

While residents across Canada enjoy the benefits of solar power, panel owners in Alberta have the best results. This is because the area enjoys plenty of sun-drenched days that the panels can convert into energy, helping to reduce your bills and offer a climate-friendly solution. 

What’s more, as Calgary is the sunniest city in Canada, you can expect to get great results if you live there. Experts have even confirmed that the solar panels in Calgary are able to generate more energy than panels in Rome, Rio de Janeiro or Sydney!

Solar Panels in Canada Are Used for More Than Electric

Canadians have been using solar energy for many years but it has not always been to create electricity for their properties. Some of the most common uses of solar power have been for heating water, drying wood and crops and heating large spaces. 

However, the use of photovoltaic cells is also incredibly popular in remote and commercial areas as they provide solar capabilities that can be used to generate home electrics, navigational tools and telecommunication items that need a dependable supply. 

Canada is a Solar Technology Leader

Canada is proud to be an energy-efficient and climate-focused country, investing billions into renewable energy every single year. This effort has paid off in that Canada is now one of the strongest leaders in solar technology.

The country is home to more than 500 different solar tech companies, all of which are working to make solar energy affordable and accessible to everyone that wants to use it. As the country continues to make progress in the solar sector, more and more Canadians are turning to solar panel installers to help them get started with solar too.

Solar Panels Are an Affordable Option

With the demand for solar panels reaching new heights in Canada, many consumers are getting to enjoy solar panel installation at affordable prices. The main reason for this is that manufacturers are able to buy components in bulk, helping them to negotiate the very best prices which are then passed on to the consumer so that they can afford to invest in their own panels.

If you are keen to join all the other solar panel owners in Canada, Panel Upgrade Experts is here for you. We supply and install solar panels across Calgary and are on hand to answer any questions you may have about the process, including pricing. Get in touch with us today and take your first step towards a solar-powered future.

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