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Solar Panel Installation – What to Expect

Have you decided to invest in solar panel installations on your roof or land? Rather than worrying about the installation process or feeling concerned about what to expect, we’ve put together a simple overview of the installation process so that you know what will happen and when – read on to find out more.

Step One – Arrange a Site Survey and Informational Meeting

If you are keen to get solar panels installed, then the very first step requires you to choose a solar panel company and arrange a quotation and survey visit. During this visit, your chosen installer will tell you if your roof is suitable for solar panels, how many you can install and whether your roof is in a sound condition for panels to be erected. You will also be told how much your solar panels will cost and any alternative options that you can choose from.

Step Two – Prepare Your Property for Solar Installation

Once you have agreed on a price and your survey has been completed, you will need to follow up on any recommendations for fixing your roof before installation can take place. This could involve replacing some or all of your roof or just completing any small tasks to help ensure that the installers can get to your roof safely. Once your roof is ready, you can agree on an installation date with the supplier and begin to get excited about your new solar panels.

Step Three – Solar Panel Installation Day

On installation day, your installers will arrive with all the equipment they need to ensure that they can safely access the roof. While the weather does not need to be perfect, you can expect installation to be delayed if it is excessively cold, wet or windy. If your installation can proceed, the panels will be taken to the roof, and the fixing process will begin. The installation time will depend on the number of panels you have installed, the roof access availability and the number of installers that are working on the job. 

Step Four – Ongoing Maintenance for Solar Panels

Once your panels have been installed, the team will show you how to work everything and register your solar panel system as agreed in your initial visit. The great thing about solar panels is that they require very little maintenance to keep them working properly. However, if you find that any issues arise after the installation has taken place, you will need to call out a solar panel expert to resolve it so that you don’t invalidate any warranty or guarantee that is in place. Most issues can be easily dealt with, leaving you to enjoy your new eco-friendly energy source.

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