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Having Troubles Relocating Your Electrical Meter?

Can I Move My Electricity Meter?

Yes, you can. Electrical meter moves are a hard task, not just any electrician can execute. You need to hire the services of a trained professional if you don’t want to disrupt the electrical system in your Calgary home.

What Is An Electrical Meter?

The device that reads the amount of power you use in your home is called an Electrical meter. It is usually located outside your home. In some cases, it is located on the back or at the side of your house. They can become an obstruction whenever you want to do renovations.

Panel Upgrade Experts can help you relocate your electrical meter or any other electricals to another part of your home quickly and effectively.

Is There A Cost To Move My Meter?

There is a charge to move your meter. The charge is payable by debit or credit card. In certain circumstances it may be possible to move your meter free of charge – you can discuss this with us.

In some cases, during renovations, some electrical equipment might not be able to be moved or relocated. Regardless, panel upgrade experts are your go-to company for electrical relocations in Calgary. Some old electricals can be changed to new technologies during this process.

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