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Types of Electric Sockets and Plugs in Canada

The alternating current (AC) sockets and plugs are connecting the electrical and electronic equipment with the supply of AC power in sorts of buildings either residential, commercial, or industrial type. However, sockets and plugs are different in different countries. The plugs and sockets are mainly differentiated on the basis of current, voltage, shape, type of connector, and size. Moreover, different standards have been implemented in different countries of the world.

The sockets and plugs are always portable for all sorts of appliances. The plugs and sockets have been in use since 1880 when the first-ever device was invented for the light bulb. With time, there has been a change in the type of sockets and plugs. In this modern world, over 20 different types of sockets and plugs are used all across the globe. The sockets used before are being replaced. The sockets and plugs are now on the verge to get standardized which means that almost the same types of connectors and plugs can be used all across the world. This would help the appliances use across the globe and will also be a convenience for consumers as well, especially those who are travelers.

Electrical Power System of the World

In most of North America including Canada, the voltage standard is 110 to 120 volts with 60 Hertz frequency. While in most European and Asian countries the standard is 220 to 240 volts with 50 Hertz frequency. This is the reason why European and Canadian socket and plug types are different and cannot be used in vice versa. Therefore, there is a need of special adopted before plugging in your device to an electrical socket, else there is no chance for you to plug in your device in Canada and you will not be able to use your devices such as camera, mobile, and laptop, etc.

Types of Electric Sockets and Plugs in Canada

The following are the major types of sockets and plugs used in Canada.

  1. Type A Socket: The type A socket is used mainly used in countries like Canada, America, Mexico, and Japan. This socket has 2 holes and has no ground hole to it. The rated rating for current is about 15 ampere and can work within 100 to 127 volts. The socket is compatible with type A plugs.
  2. Type A Plug: The type A plug is for type A sockets and has 2 pins that are inserted in the socket and the appliance is operated.
  3. Type B Socket: The type B socket is used mainly used in countries like Canada, America, Mexico, and Japan. This socket has a total of 3 holes. The third hole is for grounding purposes. The rated value of current is about 15 ampere and works within the voltage range of 100 to 127 volts. This socket is compatible with both type A and Type B plugs.
  4. Type B Plug: The type B plug is for type B sockets. There are three pins in such plugs. The third pin is for grounding.

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