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Why You Should Use a Tesla Recommended Electrician

Electric vehicles reduce environmental degradation and help you save money on gas. One of the questions that drive curiosity among non-tesla car owners is how and where to charge their electric cars. Tesla Inc. recommends that you reach out to trained electricians if you want to install a wall connector near your parking space for easy charging.

Panel Upgrade Expert is proud to be one of the first and few recommended electrical contractors in Calgary to work with Tesla Motors on installation for their EV charging systems.

  • We are experienced with both wall connectors and supercharger systems. What you need to know;
  • The wall connector needs to be installed by a trained electrician.
  • To charge, you’ll need to have power near your parking for your wall charger(s).
  • We adhere to the strict quality, permitting, and inspection requirements that Tesla expects and requires of their electricians.

Reach out to Panel Upgrade experts for more information on how we can get you set up with a charging station.

Did you know that you can also keep up to date with the newest technology changes and revitalize your car charger by hiring the services of a recommended electrician over a non-recommended electrician? The following are the advantages of using a Tesla recommended electrician:

  • They keep up to date with new technological changes
  • They are recommended by Tesla for their level of customer services and the highest quality of installation
  • Being trained and certified by Tesla on car charger installation, they can issue a licensed guarantee.
  • All installations are reported back to Tesla with service load calculations to ensure customers electrical system isn’t over-stressed, measurements of wire used, additional work, and installation photos.
  • And as a rule, they keep within strict guidelines outlined by the Canadian electrical code and Tesla, supported directly by Tesla.

The above are the benefits enjoyed by customers who decide to hire the services of a Tesla recommended electrician.

Panel Upgrade Experts are Calgary’s leading installer of Tesla High Power Wall Connector electric car chargers. Chosen by Tesla for their level of customer service and the highest quality of installation, Panel Upgrade Experts deliver you the best experience possible.

Read our reviews and see for yourself how Panel Upgrade Experts puts smiles on the face of every client. 

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