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Elevate your home by upgrading your electrical system and installing solar panels in Huntington Hills, Calgary, today! 

Modernizing your setup makes your life safe and sustainable, reduces monthly electricity bills, and opens doors to valuable rebates and subsidies. 

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Local Electricians and Solar Installers in Huntington Hills, AB

Since 2013, Panel Upgrade Experts Ltd. has been your trusted company for quality electrical repair and solar panels in Huntington Hills, AB. 

As a testament to our reliability, we present the global media recognition we received from our 2015 Enmax power outage report and our Ideal National Championship Best-in-Class award.

For these reasons, we promise to provide excellent electrical services that meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations. 

Our electricians are licensed and experienced to ensure a seamless installation.

Trust us with your lighting enhancements and whole-house power boosts.

Besides our residential and commercial solar panel service, we customize plans to enhance your electrical system. Our comprehensive services include the following:

  • Electrical panel services and upgrades
  • Electrical meter relocations
  • Aluminum rewiring projects
  • Tesla EV charger installations

Choose us to empower your space with advanced and reliable electrical solutions.

Premier Solar Energy Solutions for Your Home in Huntington Hills, Calgary

For residential solar in Huntington Hills, check out Panel Upgrade Experts Ltd.

Our customized solar systems will fit your home’s unique energy needs. 

Using solar panels, you can get electricity from the sun and not rely as much on traditional, more expensive electricity. 

Plus, installing solar panels can increase your home’s value and profit when you decide to sell it.

Take advantage of the Canadian government’s solar grants and tax savings and make green energy more affordable for your household. 

Join us in the mission to reduce your carbon footprint, gain energy independence, and secure your financial future. 

Our team will guide you throughout the installation process and financial options.

Reliable Electrician in Huntington Hills

Ready to work with the best local electrician in Huntington Hills, Alberta? 

Panel Upgrade Experts Ltd. is it! We’re the experts regarding safety, electrical panel relocation, and upgrading electrical services.

Our experience in installing Tesla EV chargers and replacing knob-and-tube wiring is unmatched.

Have you got any questions? We’re here to help you out. Our reliable electricians work 24/7, answering concerns and offering free expert assistance on the following:

Electrical Panel Replacement in Huntington Hills

If you need electrical panel upgrades in Huntington Hills, we're here to help! Your home's electrical panel is crucial for your safety and comfort, but it can cause problems if it's old or broken.

This can lead to system issues, insurance problems, and fire hazards. Fortunately, we're experts in repairing and restoring electrical panels.

Our electrical panels have a ten-year warranty on the parts and a two-year warranty on the labor.

To get started, contact us today. Free, detailed quotes for electrical panel improvements are waiting for you. We also make it easy to schedule inspections and let you know when the inspector will arrive.

Electrical Meter Relocations

Relocating an electric meter can be a challenging task. Regardless, you can rely on our skilled and dependable electricians to get the job done.

Depending on your requirements, we can move your meter to a separate garage, workshop, or any other location.

Our experts will evaluate your situation and restoration plans to determine the perfect spot for your meter.

As the property owner, you will receive a complimentary estimate to assist you in making an informed decision about your electrical system.

Tesla EV Chargers in Huntington-hills

If you're looking for the best electric EV charger installers in Huntington Hills, look no further than Panel Upgrade Experts.

Since 2015, Tesla has highly recommended us as their top EV charger installer in the area because of our expertise in installing NEMA 14-50 plugs and Tesla High-Powered Wall Connectors.

In addition to our top-notch installation services, we offer power panel upgrades for EV charging, power usage, and charge capacity data.

Choose Panel Upgrade Experts for all your EV charging needs and experience the industry's highest-quality service.

Electrical Service Upgrades

At our company, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

To ensure this, we only employ qualified electricians with ample experience to install new wires underground or aboveground, straight to your electrical panel.

Our team is fully equipped to upgrade your electrical service to handle an additional 100-200 amps of electrical loads, which is necessary for modern homes.

Rest assured, we’ll follow up with you even after installation to guarantee everything meets your standards.

Panel Upgrade Experts; Specialists in Commercial Solar in Huntington Hills

Transform your business with Panel Upgrade Experts’ top-quality commercial solar panels in Huntington Hills.

Our solar panels can help you minimize your business tax with incentives and rebates.

In addition to our unrivaled service, our solar panels can last for decades, even in extreme weather.

We also provide lifetime system monitoring, customer support, and a 25-year manufacturing guarantee after installation.

Don’t miss this affordable, long-lasting option to help you avoid grid failures.

Make your company a leader in green activities and attract more environmentally conscious customers.

Contact Panel Upgrade Experts today to get started.

Call us to Help Save You Money

For reliable and cost-effective electrical and solar panel solutions in Huntington Hills, Calgary, look no further than Panel Upgrade Experts. 

We offer premium electrical services and solar panel installations. providing personalized solutions tailored to your unique energy needs. 

Our licensed professionals use premium materials and guarantee efficient installation and hassle-free results.

Take advantage of the opportunity to enhance your property’s energy efficiency with our affordable electrical and solar panel services. 

Contact Panel Upgrade Experts today for electrical and solar panels in Huntington Hills, Calgary.

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