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Brighten your home and office like never before with electrical upgrades and solar panels in Rosedale, Calgary.

It’s going to be a win-win! Doing so will boost your facility’s safety, reduce power bills, and increase savings. 

Don’t know where to start? No sweat—that’s what we’re here for! We can’t wait to help you navigate this exciting change. It’s more than an upgrade; it’s an opportunity.

So, seize the moment and transition to sustainable and modernized living!


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The Solar Company Rosedale Can Trust

For over a decade, Panel Upgrade Experts Ltd. has been a reliable company for quality solar panels in Rosedale, Calgary.

Our licensed and skilled staff can promise a seamless installation in compliance with Rosedale’s local codes.

Although we have a history of electrical service, we are also experienced in solar panel installation in Rosedale.

We listen to your unique needs and tailor our services accordingly.

Additionally, we’ll help you understand the entire process, ensuring you’re aware of and comfortable with your new solar system.

The global media recognition from our 2015 Enmax power outage report and our Ideal National Championship Best-in-Class award prove our high-class service.

So why settle for a mere solar installer? Call an expert; call Panel Upgrade Experts Ltd.

Sun-Powered Energy Solutions for Your Home

Wishing for quality residential solar in Rosedale? Contact Panel Upgrade Experts Ltd. But why install home solar? 

First, it can significantly cut down on your electric bills.

Think of all the extra money you could save for your budget! Plus, solar panels are resilient and easy to maintain, so there are no monthly expenses, unlike traditional electricity. 

Going solar can also help you qualify for the government’s solar grants and tax credits.

Not to mention, homes with solar panels are more appealing to buyers than those without. Thus, installing a solar system can boost home value when sold.

Trusted Electrician in Rosedale, AB

Are you searching for a trusted and seasoned electrician in Rosedale, Alberta? Check out Panel Upgrade Experts Ltd.! We’re your local electrician superheroes.

We’re experts at keeping things safe with electricity, moving electrical panels to new spots, and making old electrical systems better and more secure. 

Want to install a charging station for your Tesla EV in your garage? We’ve got you covered. Are you concerned about the outdated wiring in your house? We can upgrade that, too!

Have questions about electricity or wiring? Ask us anytime! We’re here to help 24/7. And the best part? Our advice is free!

Give us a call for the following electrical issues:

Electrical Service Upgrades

At our company, we view your safety and satisfaction as more than goals; they are our commitments.

We ensure this by hiring only the best electricians to safely put new wires into your home, whether under the ground or above it, to your electrical panel.

Our team comes ready to upgrade your electrical service in Rosedale, preparing it to handle much more electricity and aiming for an extra 100-200 amps. Sure, we’ll help you with that.

But our service continues even after the installation process. After connecting the service to your panel, we'll keep in touch to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Tesla EV Chargers

Do you have an EV and need a top-notch electric car charger installer in Rosedale? You’re in the right place! Since 2015, we have been Tesla’s trusted partner in Calgary.

We are your go-to installers for NEMA 14-50 and Tesla High-Powered Wall Connectors. To make your home safer, we can update your panel to handle additional electricity loads.

We can also help you track how much electricity you use and how fast your car charges.

Electrical Panel Replacement

Need a boost in your electricity? Partner with the expert! Keep your home safe and fire-risk-free by maintaining your electrical panel up-to-date.

If it's old or broken, your breaker box can cause trouble—like messing up your electricity and making insurance claims challenging.

It’s not just a quick fix; it's a safety prevention. Ready to make your home's electricity safer and more robust?

Schedule an inspection. We'll give you a free, easy-to-understand quote for a significant electrical panel upgrade in Rosedale.

Our electrical panels have a 10-year warranty on parts, and our work comes with a 2-year promise.

We'll make our process straightforward and inform you when our technician will arrive to set up the assessment.

Sustainability Meets Business Performance with Our Commercial Solar Solutions

Modern technology for modern business. Panel Upgrade Experts’ top-quality commercial solar panels in Rosedale can make a big difference for your business. 

Are you worried about the setup? No stress; we provide unbeatable solar service!

You’ll have a team that will handle everything—from planning to installation; we’ll ensure the solar panel fits your business’s needs perfectly.

Built to last decades, our solar panels can withstand even the worst conditions. 

Our mission? Not just to put up panels but to ensure stable and reliable energy for your company’s future.

We also offer a 25-year guarantee on manufacturing and lifetime monitoring. Don’t let grid outages stop what you’re doing. 

What’s the biggest win? Well, there are two: First, it cuts way down on the electricity bill to spend your margins on more important things.

Second, you’ll score valuable tax breaks or grants for your business. Isn’t that worthy of investment?

Don’t let grid outages stop your operations. Give your business clean energy, save money, and be a sustainable leader by contacting Panel Upgrade Experts Ltd. today. 

Panel Upgrade Experts Ltd. Guarantees You Quality Customer Service

Ready to power your home and business with safe, affordable electrical and solar panels in Rosedale? Panel Upgrade Experts Ltd. is here for you! 

Instead of just a minor upgrade, think of it as giving your house a big energy makeover.

Don’t worry; we do quality work that won’t empty your bank account. Contact us today, and let’s start the journey!

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