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Your safety is a top priority. Enhancing your home’s electrical system is one of the best ways to prevent danger and promote insurance coverage. 

Our team offers tailored electrical services, including relocating meters, installing solar panels, and EV chargers for energy savings. 

By choosing our services, you’re guaranteed a safer home and financial benefits through renewable energy.


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Are you ready to seize the opportunity to improve your electrical systems and install solar panels in Chestermere?

There’s no better time to embrace modern technology by adding solar panels and upgrading your home’s electrical system. 

By doing so, you can generate your own clean and green energy, reducing your carbon footprint and power bills while adding value to your property. 

Nestled in the heart of Alberta, Chestermere is not just another city in Canada. It’s a hub of progressive energy solutions, where the adoption of solar power is steadily rising. 

If you’ve been considering installing solar panels in Chestermere or seeking any general electrical service, you’ve landed at the right place.

We are your trusted resource for understanding solar panel installations in Chestermere and finding reliable electrical solutions. 

Whether you’re searching for a skilled electrician in Chestermere or a trusted solar company, our guide ensures you’re equipped with all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Dive in to harness the sun’s power and electrify your property by talking to the experts!

Panel Upgrade Experts Ltd., Experts in Electrical and Solar Panel Installation for Chestermere

At Panel Upgrade Experts Ltd., we take pride in providing top-notch electricians and solar installations in Chestermere that exceed your expectations. 

Whether you need lighting upgrades or a boost in your home’s power capacity, we guarantee 100% satisfaction, and value user experience in everything we do.

Since 2013, our expert electricians have been consistent in delivering comprehensive electrical solutions tailored to your needs. 

Trust us to create the perfect solution for your home or business.

Reliable Electrician and Solar Company in Chestermere

Regarding solar panel installation in Chestermere, Panel Upgrade Experts Ltd. is a clear choice.

Our technicians have over ten years of experience and know their craft inside and out.

With the correct legal documents, licenses, equipped with all necessary permits, insurance, and approvals, we can guarantee a comprehensive and reliable installation process.

Our Awards and Accreditations

One of our proudest achievements was winning the Ideal National Championship in 2018–2019. This esteemed award is a testament to our knowledge and proficiency in providing top-notch panel upgrade services.

We are also honored to have received media recognition for our contributions. In 2015, we had the privilege of being interviewed by Global News regarding the Enmax power outage in Chestermere. During that interview, we provided valuable insights and information to assist the community in navigating through the situation.

We actively participate in memberships and associations to stay at the forefront of the industry and provide our clients with the best services available. As members of Solar Alberta, we align ourselves with a leading association dedicated to advancing the adoption of solar energy. This membership lets us stay updated with the latest advancements and best practices.

In addition, our registration with CEIP (Certified Electrical Industry Professional) reinforces our expertise and commitment to industry regulations. We’re also proud to be the first Tesla electricians in Chestermere, which shows we have the expertise to set up EV charging solutions.

Quality Residential Solar Panels in Chestermere

Considering numerous benefits, residential solar panels in Chestermere are a smart choice for sustainable living.

They use the sun’s renewable energy, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, as well as it leads to significant savings on electricity bills, sometimes eliminating them with net metering. 

Moreover, solar energy helps combat climate change by lowering carbon footprints.

Not to mention, homes with solar panels have higher property values and offer a potential return on investment when sold. 

Furthermore, homeowners gain energy independence, reducing their reliance on utility companies.

Lastly, government incentives, tax credits, and rebates make the switch to clean energy even more affordable. 

Panel Upgrade Experts Ltd can assist you in making your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our expertise lies in providing long-lasting solar installations, for which we have won acclaim in the media and numerous awards.

We want to impress you with our work. Contact us today to learn how our services can improve your property.

Trusted Commercial Solar in Chestermere

Calling all forward-thinking businesses in Chestermere! Get ready to elevate your company’s goals with Panel Upgrade Experts Ltd’s commercial solar in Chestermere, AB. Embrace clean, sustainable energy solutions that reduce costs and demonstrate your commitment to a greener planet. 


Why commercial solar in Chestermere? Here’s 3 reasons:

  • It introduces an alternative and efficient option for your business by lowering your need for energy from the grid and reducing your power bills every month. 
  • Also, transitioning your business to eco-friendly energy consumption best demonstrates your business’s commitment to sustainability, making a statement around renewable energy and being an innovative leader when it comes to powering your business.
  • Lastly, it is a wise investment. With energy cost savings and potential government incentives resulting in impressive long-term returns, creating more opportunities for your business to reallocate excess operational expenses to other areas that needs development.


Chestermere commercial solar panels also grant you energy independence, providing greater control over your power supply and protection from energy price fluctuations and grid disruptions. 

Plus, businesses that go solar contribute to a reduced carbon footprint, promote cleaner air, and positively impact the fight against climate change. 

Lastly, it enhances your business’s reputation by aligning with eco-conscious companies in Chestermere and beyond, resonating with environmentally-aware customers.

Reliable Electrician in Chestermere

When you’re ready to enhance your home and business electrical systems and embrace the latest advancements.  At Panel Upgrade Experts Ltd., we have the expertise and solutions to make it happen! 

When it comes to electrical systems, we are the experts. We’re always ready to: 

  • safely relocate meters,
  • refurbish electrical panels,
  • install Tesla EV chargers, and 
  • convert outdated knob-and-tube wiring systems to modern copper wiring alternatives, among other things.

Our team is available to assist you with electrical tasks and installations.

Whether you have inquiries, need clarity on a service, or want an expert opinion on an electrical issue, we are here to provide prompt and comprehensive responses.

Electrical Panel Upgrade in Chestermere

Our priority is safeguarding your home’s safety and functionality.

If you’re considering upgrading your electrical panel to 100-200 amps or installing larger electrical loads such as hot tubs, air conditioning units, a workshop in your garage, or for home issuance, we can help you.

Contact us today to get started!

Our certified electricians in Chestermere will provide a no-cost, upfront quote covering every aspect of your electrical panel upgrade. We’ll handle the inspection bookings, ensuring a hassle-free process. 

On the day of the final inspection, we’ll even give you a heads-up on the inspector’s arrival time, minimizing any inconvenience.

Rest assured, our meticulous electricians will tighten all terminations and identify potential issues. 

Our comprehensive inspection checklist leaves no stone unturned, as we bring any concerns to light, along with transparent recommendations and pricing. 

All our electrical service upgrades come with generous 2-year labor and 10-year parts warranty.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and our dedicated staff will follow up after installation to ensure everything exceeds your expectations.

Electrical Meter Relocation

Planning to power up your detached garage or workshop with heavy equipment? We’ve got you covered! 

Our technical staff will evaluate your current situation, review your renovation plans, and suggest the ideal location to relocate your electrical meter. 

As the property owner, you’ll receive a detailed estimate free of charge to make informed decisions about your electrical system.

Tesla EV Chargers in Chestermere

Ready to embrace the future of clean, energy-efficient transportation with an electric vehicle? That’s a fantastic choice! But to ensure a quality charging experience, you need a trusted electrician in Chestermere. 

At Panel Upgrade Experts Ltd., we specialize in professional EV charger installation, repair, and maintenance.

No matter the make or model of your electric vehicle, we can install an electric car charger tailored to your needs. 

We go the extra mile by offering EV charger surge protectors for safety.

And if your electrical panel needs an upgrade to accommodate your EV charging requirements, we’re here to handle that too!

Experience the Excellence - Call the Experts Today!

Regarding updating and installing residential and solar electrical panels, we are the trusted electricians in Chestermere.

From replacements and modernizations to capacity upgrades, our specialized expertise ensures your solar system and electrical panels are safe and efficient.

At our company, we go above and beyond to deliver what you need and when you need it.

As trusted professionals, we are dedicated to providing you with the best experience to satisfy your electrical needs.

Our past clients have believed in us and chosen us as their reliable partner for all their electrical installations and repairs for years.

So, we strive to build long-term relationships, exceeding their expectations with exceptional results and services.

What you’re looking for is right here, a trustworthy Chestermere solar company and electrician. Contact us today and experience the difference of working with a team that prioritizes your needs and delivers outstanding service at your comfort. 

Wait no more – let us power your commercial and residential property because you deserve it!

What Our SOLAR Clients Have To Say

Going Solar in Chestermere FAQs

With its current electricity prices and ample sunlight, Alberta is an ideal province for harnessing the power of solar energy. Investing in installation and maintenance costs upfront will yield substantial long-term energy savings and contribute positively to the environment.

Chestermere Solar Panels are eligible for the Canada Greener Homes Grant. The grant is designed to make homes in Canada more energy efficient. With this grant you will be eligible to get a $1 per Watt off your solar installation to a maximum of $5,000.

Our customers also have a fast track option for the pre-retrofit evaluation.

For more information on the Canada Greener Homes Grant Click here.

The installation cost of Solar Panels Chestermere is dependent on multiple factors and is unique to each property.

Firstly, the cost will be determined by the power you would like to off-set. This will give us the size of the array we will need to install. With this we will be able to construct a material cost for the solar panels along with the inverters and mounting hardware. Labour, permits and any upgrades to the existing infrastructure will also be accounted for in the overall cost. The pitch and condition of your roof may also be a factor in the cost.

As each situation is different a full site assessment is the best way to determine the cost, but typically our residential solar panel systems in Chestermere range approximately $9,000 to $17,000. This is not including any rebates or grants which can lower the cost.

We are partnered with FinanceIt for all of our electrical and Solar Panels installations. Just ask us about what options we have for full or partial financing.

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Trust Panel Upgrade Experts for your home solar panel installations in Chestermere. We’re committed to making sustainable energy solutions accessible to you, reducing your environmental impact, and ensuring you reap the long-term advantages of solar power.

Our specialization lies in residential solar panel installations in Chestermere. Rest assured; we have the knowledge and dedication to provide your home with top-notch service. Make the switch to solar power with confidence!


Save money on energy and the environment with solar panels. It’s sustainable, reducing emissions by relying on the sun instead of fossil fuels. Suitable for the planet and your wallet. We’ll guide you from assessment to customized design and financing. Create a brighter future with solar energy.

Contact us now to schedule a consultation and embark on a greener future.

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