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Springbank Hill - Large Residential Home - 16kW Solar

Suburb – Springbank Hill

Property Type – Large residential home

Property Description – Bungalow with walkout, some very steep roof faces

Scope of work – 16kW Solar Project

Initial assessment – This solar project was completed for a past client who we did his Tesla charger for in his previous house. The house was a great candidate for solar as the property is located high up on a hill with no chasing and some very large roof faces.

Reason for going solar – The client purchased a new property and wanted to go solar to help offset the power being used on his electric vehicle.

Monthly energy cost on average – The homeowner had quite a large power bill and was consuming 1000kWh a month.

Average monthly savings on the solar system – We estimate the owner will save around $500 a month.

Description of work performed – We installed a 16kW solar system on various faces of the roof to capture the maximum amount of irradiance. Due to the size of the installation we also replaced the customers electrical meter base to allow for the system to be connected to the power grid.

Areas of property installed – We worked on multiple areas of the roof and installed a dedicated solar combiner sub-panel in the garage.

System specifications – 36 Longi 450w mounted on a Fast Rack system on an asphalt shingle roof. The system used APS microinverters.
Considerations – Some of the areas of the roof were extremely steep (12/12 pitch). We also had to deal with some high winds due to the property being located high up on the hill. This also meant that the rear of the house was very high up. Our crew all wore safety harnesses. We also have a couple of days of very heavy rain which is common in early summer in Calgary.

Customer feedback/thoughts – The customer was very happy with the installation and we have used them for references for future projects.

Cost – $36,000

Solar rebate/incentive applied – The customer was able to take advantage of the $5000 Greener Homes Grant

Duration – Design, planning an micro gen application – 6 weeks,

Installation – 1 week

Summary – Solar is very popular in Springbank Hill. The age of the house makes working on them very enjoyable, but there are a lot of steep roofs, and wind can definitely be an issue with the houses located high up on the hill.