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Electrical Service  – Linking Your Home to the Grid

An electrical service is the system that provides power to your electrical panel via an overhead or underground wire. The consumer service is the part of the service  that the homeowner owns, usually the pipe and electrical meter located on the back of your house.

Older houses in Calgary were only supplied with a 60 amp service, this is no longer adequate power for most modern homes. A service upgrade from 60 to 100 is a must for most insurance companies. Sometimes 100 amps may still not be enough power if you are planning on installing large electrical loads such as hot tubs, air conditioning units or a workshop in your garage. Upgrading to 200 amps will ensure you and your family have sufficient power for all your future needs.

Panel Upgrade Experts offer a reliable and dependable service for Calgary homeowners. Our expert electricians provide high quality service installations ensuring you have the increased power needed for today’s home.

Your home insurance may not cover you fully if you have less than a 100 amp service.

Older homes built in Calgary needed less power than today. Some homes built in Calgary before the 1970’s have a 60 amp service (electrical panel). Most home insurers require you to have a minimum of 100 amps.

Our Electrical Service Upgrading Services Includes:

Our technical staff will visit your home and evaluate your current electrical service and your planned electrical usage. We can also do detailed load calculation to ensure so we can install the appropriate service upgrade for you. We will provide a detailed estimate of upgrading your service completely free of charge to homeowners.
Our qualified and experienced electricians will complete the installation of your new electrical service professionally and on the estimated installation time.
All of our electrical service upgrades come with a 2 year parts and labour warranty.
Our staff will book inspections on your behalf. We will also contact you the morning of the final inspection with the predicted arrival time of your inspector to ensure you the least amount of hassle.
Our staff will contact you after installation to ensure everything lived up to expectations.
Panel upgrade Experts currently accepts cheque, credit cards, or Interac e-Transfer

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