Solar Panels Calgary

Calgary Solar Energy

Alberta is one of the sunniest provinces in Canada, making it a great place to produce solar power in a sustainable way, at a very affordable price.  Adding solar panels to your home or business is one of the most affordable ways to produce renewable energy in Calgary.

Panel Upgrade Experts we will design a Calgary solar panel array for your home or business that sets you up for cost savings, sustainability and helping contribute to a greener carbon footprint.

Why Choose Solar?

Solar panels in Calgary are more affordable now, thanks to advanced technology over the last few years.  Adding solar panels Calgary allows you to produce your own green energy, with no emissions.  Adding a  solar PV installation to your home or business can save you money, as well as contribute to a greener planet.

Solar Panel Solutions

Panel Upgrade Experts is also an expert in Calgary solar panels. We can help with your solar panel installation from the initial contact through to the final installation of solar panels, your green energy needs will be covered for years to come.

Solar Panels Calgary

Installing solar panels Calgary, can help increase the value of your property and help future proof yourself from rising energy costs.  Panel Upgrade Experts offers comprehensive customer service from your initial contact, throughout the entire process, including design, installation and system monitoring, for years to come.  Our process will make it painless for you to move to solar energy today.

Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar

Panel Upgrade Experts can help custom design and install commercial solar in Calgary that best suits your business needs.  Making an investment in solar energy is one of the best investments your company can make to reduce costs and reduce your carbon footprint long term.

Calgary Solar FAQ

Solar energy works by having solar panels installed on the roof of your home or business and they are used to harness solar energy from the sun.  The energy captured from the sun is converted into renewable energy.  The energy captured by your solar panels can be used to supply power to your home for things like appliances, lights, etc. 

If extra power is generated from your solar panels that is not used by your home, it will be exported through your electrical meter into the local power grid.  Your energy provider will automatically credit you for any extra power your solar panels create and feed back into the system.  Not only will you be helping make the planet greener, you will be saving money on your electricity bills and potentially earning money by selling any extra energy harnessed.

How much Energy will be created by installing Solar Panels?

Everyone’s solar array will be different, so it is not a one size fits all system when installing solar panels.  The amount of renewable energy your system will generate over it’s lifetime of a minimum of 25 years, will depend on many factors, such as the size and pitch of your roof, the orientation of your home, and how much direct sunlight hits your roof.  This is why Panel Upgrade Experts will create a system specifically designed for your home as well providing you with a cost benefit analysis with your quote.

How much does a solar installation  cost in Calgary?

Installing solar panels in Calgary varies from property to property.  The cost will change depending on your specific location, size, pitch of roof, and your current electrical system.  We will create an estimate specific to your home, with a cost benefit analysis (return on investment), as well provide you information for any government incentives or rebates.  Our estimates will be comprehensive and include everything required from materials, labour as well as permits and any electrical upgrades required.  The average cost for installation of solar panels in Calgary is roughly between $,9000 and $20,000 before any government incentives or rebates.

What incentives and rebates are available for solar in Calgary?

Currently the federal government is offering the greener homes grant, where you can receive a rebate up to $5000 toward installation of solar panels in calgary.

Coming later is 2022 the City of Calgary will be offering:

What type of financing is available for solar in Calgary?

Panel Upgrade Experts offers financing through Finance it

You can also apply for financing through your banking or financial institution, Some banks, including RBC, offer Canada-wide solar financing programs.

How does the free solar assessment work?

We offer free virtual estimates and free Calgary solar assessment, to do that we require the following information:

  1.  Your most current energy bill:  This will help us provide you with an accurate pricing and savings, and help build a system that will be optimal set up for your property
  2. A photo of your electrical panel:  We require a clear photo of your panel showing the entire panel and any empty slot as well as any writing, or listing of your breakers.  This will help us determine if your new solar system can be seamlessly integrated into your existing system or if upgrades will be required
  3. Your contact information, including your address, allowing us to use imaging software to view your roof and design a system specifically for your home or business.  This will factor in size, space, sunlight, shading and panel tilt.