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100 Amp Panel Upgrade

On this one hundred amp electrical panel upgrade the homeowner I previously had the electrical panel upgraded by another electrical contractor Calgary. Unfortunately, the previous electrician only installed a panel the same size as the old panel. This meant the homeowner ran out of the room when adding a couple of new circuits. When we upgrade our customer’s electrical panels we typically install an 84 circuit or sometimes a 60 circuit panel. This allows the homeowner to add additional circuits to the panel in the future.

100 amp Electrical Panel Upgrade 2

One good thing to come out of the previous upgrade was the past electrician replaced the old panel with a Homeline panel. This is the same make of electrical panel we use, meaning we were able to reuse all the circuit breakers.

The estimate for the homeowner was actually conducted virtually to do the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing measures currently in place in Calgary. Our estimator was able to give an accurate price on photos on a phone call to the homeowner.

100 amp Electrical Panel Upgrade 3

On arriving at the job on the day of installation it was exactly as expected and our expert technician was able to start work right away. As usual, we provided floor covering on the carpeted areas. There was a little extra work to do as a gas line was located behind a panel board. We managed to remove the old board and work around the obstruction. This is not an uncommon issue and our technicians are more than capable to deal with such occurrences. This is something we have to work with but as you can see in the end result it wasn’t an issue.

The homeowner was super pleased with the result commenting on both timeliness of our staff, presentation, and attention to detail. They said they will be calling us back for kitchen renovation later this year.

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