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Why You Should Check If Your Electrician has WCB and Insurance

When an electrical outlet gives away or when your buttons are not working, calling an electrician is your best bet. And while calling an electrician is as simple as dialing your phone, you will also have to consider insurance when calling an electrician. Before calling on an electrician, you should always check to see if they have proper insurance. Now, if you don’t know what an electrician’s insurance is, then you may be at the risk of paying hundreds of dollars in damages.

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What is WCB or Electrician Insurance

Working as an electrician is a tough job, especially when they are working independently. They work with a lot of high voltage high wires and peripherals. Even with the right equipment, they can be at the risk of serious injury. And the costs of those injurious can come on your shoulders.

An electrician’s insurance, or worker’s insurance, is similar to every other insurance policy. If the electrician comes with their insurance, payment for any injuries they incur on the job will be paid mostly through the insurance company. This can save you a lot of the hassle of paying for the damages.

The Workers Compensation Board or WCB is an insurance company in Alberta, specifically for independent contractors or workers. They offer the same services as every other insurance company.

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Why You Should Hire Electricians with Insurance

No Payment for Damages

The first and most obvious reason why you should hire a licensed electrician is that you will not have to pay for damages on the job. An unlicensed electrician can receive serious harm while on the job, leaving you with a hefty bill. Choosing an electrician with insurance can save you from the hassle of paying for damages that you were not responsible for.

Trust In Their Work

If you hire an electrician from a company, then you get the bonus of trusting them. There have been plenty of cases where electricians run away without completing a job, leaving you to find another electrician to get the job done. So other than the payment that you made to the previous electrician, you will also have to pay the new electrician for the services that they will provide.

The company also takes responsibility for materials that an electrician uses, which means that you can rest easy knowing you receive the best materials. And in the event that you do not, you will receive compensation.

They Will Work According To the Book

Electricians on payroll will always follow the rules and will give you services that comply with those rules. From the protective gear that they have to wear while on the job to the materials that they will use, the rules take the utmost priority. And when they have the right gear on, they can significantly reduce the risk of injuries on the job.

In conclusion, you should always check if your local Calgary Electrician of choice has insurance, as that can save you from a lot of the hassle.

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