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Discover Solar Energy in Canada Facts

Solar energy is an environmentally friendly way of producing electricity and has grown massively in popularity over the past decade. We have collected some of the most important facts to understand when thinking of installing a solar energy system


Environmental Facts

  • Solar Energy Means Less Fossil Fuels – solar energy is completely renewable and is guaranteed to reduce your impact on the environment. Whilst many energy companies are switching to more renewable energy sources, the reliance on fossil fuels is still an issue. By producing your own electricity and not relying on the national grid, you ensure your electricity doesn’t require fossil fuels. 
  • Solar Panel Manufacture Has Minimal Environmental Impact – not only will you be less reliant on energy produced by fossil fuels, but the materials used to manufacture solar panels are also environmentally friendly. Silicon is the main component of solar panels and this is found in abundance and so has a minimal environmental impact.
  • Silent Production of Electricity – the impact on environmental issues is the usual topic when solar energy systems are recommended but there is a more local environmental impact that is often overlooked. Solar panels create electricity in a completely silent way. For anywhere that uses a generator currently, this impact will be hugely beneficial and is usually an underrated benefit.


Efficiency Facts

  • Effective Use of the Sun’s Energy – the average solar panel system converts approximately 20% of sunlight into electricity, which usually results in around 10kwh of electricity for every square foot of solar panel. To put it into perspective, the earth receives enough energy from the sun in one hour than it usually uses in a whole year!
  • Solar Panels Do Not Need Direct Sunlight – many people worry that solar panels won’t be efficient enough to produce the level of electricity they require. This is especially true in some places in Canada where there is limited direct sunlight at certain times of the year. Fortunately, this shouldn’t be an issue as solar panels do not need direct sunlight to generate electricity. Electricity continues to be produced on overcast days and during the winter. 
  • Solar Energy Comes With Storage – no electricity is produced during the night but your solar energy system will have storage to ensure you can still use electricity when there is no sunlight at all. This storage will also allow you to sell any surplus electricity to the national grid which can cover the cost of your storage system. 


Cost Facts

  • Setup Costs Having Drastically Reduced – the initial cost of having a solar energy system installed puts many people off making the switch to solar energy. However, the cost of these systems has declined significantly over the past decade. In Canada, the cost of solar energy has been reduced by 90% since 2009, making it a much more affordable option.
  • Ongoing Costs are Minimal – when deciding on whether to install solar panels, future costs should be taken into account. Solar energy is free as it utilizes the energy from the sun, meaning that you will no longer need to pay for electricity. 


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