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Electrical Panel Upgrade

Electrical panels play a crucial role in an electrical system. They contain breakers, fuse boxes and primary switches to turn the power on or off if a problem occurs in the system. Increasing electricity demand puts too much pressure on existing electrical panels. Upgrading older electrical panels would increase safety and improve electricity supply within a home. Electrical panels come in various sizes and ratings. It is necessary to know your requirements before looking for electrical panel upgrading services such as how much power your home needs and how many breakers are required.

How to determine if you need an Electrical Panel Upgrading service


Two factors must be kept in mind to determine whether or not you need an upgrade. First, see if the current panel is having problems such as breakers trip frequently, lights flicker and a buzzing sound is produced indicating loose electrical connections. Second, due to electrical codes, the upgrade of electrical panels in Canada is required if changes have been made in the building such addition of new rooms, up-gradation of the HVAC system, or addition of new appliances.

In Calgary, the need for an electrical panel upgrading service must be evaluated by a qualified electrician who will decide if your existing panel is sufficient for your current and prospective needs. If the upgrade is considered necessary, then, new electrical panels should fulfill Canadian electrical Safety Standards.


Importance of Panel Upgrade

Electricity passes through the electrical panel to reach every load in the home, this puts the panel under a lot of strain. Home appliances drawing a high amount of power make the panel to deteriorate over time causing the breakers to trip and outlets to burn. These problems indicate, that the electrical panel needs immediate attention. An upgraded electrical panel would enable the smooth operation of electricity supply as well as enhance the safety of the system. You would not have to worry about adding new appliances. Another benefit of upgrading the electrical panel is to accommodate electric vehicle charging at homes because the panels in many older homes do not have sufficient power capacity.

Features of new Electrical Panels

After an inspection by an expert, if you have decided to upgrade your electrical panel then you should find a new electrical panel electrician Calgary who is certified and fully trained. Never try to fix or change your panel yourself because that could result in Canadian electrical code violation as well as it can affect your home insurance. Some of the features are listed which should be included in new panels.

1. Environment-Friendly and Renewable Energy

Various modern homes incorporate solar energy systems in their homes. So, the new panel should be able to integrate this solar energy into the main power supply. Also, the new panel helps reduce electricity losses due to current sparking and short circuits

2. Smart Electrical panels

Recently, smart panels are also becoming popular. They are directly connected to your smartphone and computer and they provide real-time statistics about your energy use. Knowing about electricity use makes you more conscious about electricity use, which results in the conservation of energy. There are warning systems built into these panels to alert you about a potential problem or electrical failure.

3. Response Time

Nowadays, most home appliances and electronic devices are very sensitive and require a stable supply of power. So, the new electrical panel should have fast enough response in case of a power breakdown or voltage surge.

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