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Solar Products We Use: APsystems QS1A Microinverter

We’re starting a series of product showcases to educate you about the solar equipment we utilize at Panel Upgrade. The first product in the series is the APsystems QS1A Microinverter.

Why APsystems

Among the many independent microinverter suppliers, APsystems has one of the largest worldwide market shares and produces its products based on its own cutting-edge solar technology. It has over a decade of expertise in the solar sector.
The APsystems microinverter technology increases power generation for each module in the PV array by up to 20% compared to conventional string inverters.

The role of a microinverter in the solar system

The solar microinverter is the heart of a solar system. The shining blue panels on the roof are only the tip of the iceberg. They capture the sunshine and convert it into Direct Current. It’s still not applicable, since the vast majority of homes rely on Alternating Current energy to power their electric breaker box. Here is where microinverters enter the scene. They convert Direct Current energy into Alternating Current in an instant, allowing homeowners to get the most out of their solar systems.

APsystems QS1A Microinverter

It is a four-module high-power microinverter for residential use. It has a 300% faster installation time and the highest peak output power of 1200VA (volt-ampere). It is also three times faster in transmission than conventional microinverters. It employs four independent MMPT inputs resulting in a greater energy harvest for homeowners. The QS1A Microinverter has a peak efficiency of 96.5% and offers a ten-year standard warranty.
We utilize this model in solar panel installations for our Calgarian clients as it is both cost-effective and efficient.

Panel Upgrade Experts Solar Installation in Calgary

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular among Calgarians for a variety of reasons. Alberta has a cold but sunny climate ideal for solar power generation. We also join the worldwide shift to greener energy sources, which are not only more ecologically beneficial but also provide greater energy independence. Solar power is now more affordable than ever before as the technology grows.
Panel Upgrade Experts offer a professional service for homeowners who want to install solar panels on their homes. Our high-quality solar systems give you dependable, affordable, and long-lasting power.

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