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Electrical Panels

Electrical panels play a crucial role in an electrical system. They contain breakers, fuse boxes, and primary switches to turn the power on or off if a problem occurs in the system. Increasing electricity demand puts too much pressure on existing electrical panels. Upgrading older electrical panels would increase safety and improve the electricity supply within a home. Electrical panels come in various sizes and ratings. It is necessary to know your requirements before looking for electrical panel upgrading services such as how much power your home needs and how many breakers are required.

Benefits of upgrading your Electrical panel

Electricity passes through the electrical panel to reach every load in the home, this puts the panel under a lot of pressure. Home appliances drawing a high amount of power make the panel deteriorate over time causing the breakers to trip and outlets to burn. These problems indicate, that the electrical panel needs immediate attention. An upgraded electrical panel would enable the smooth operation of the electricity supply as well as enhance the safety of the system. Other benefits include:

  • Provide more consistent power: without strong enough electrical power, you are more likely to overload your circuits and have your circuit breakers trip on a regular basis. So, rather than trying to guess if you have too many things plugged in for your electrical panel to handle, you can have your panel upgraded for consistent electrical power.
  • Increase your home safety: the main advantage to having your electrical panel upgraded is the increased safety it provides. If there is a malfunction in the operation of your electrical panel, it can cause fire, which has the potential of destroying your entire property.
  • Increase capacity: with an upgraded electrical panel, you can have the appropriate amount of circuits that is adequate enough to protect your home and provide for your electrical needs.
  • Lower insurance costs: A thorough upgrade to an old home’s electrical panel can save you up to 15% on your home insurance policy.

After an inspection by an expert, if you have decided to upgrade your electrical panel then you should consult Panel Upgrade Experts, Calgary’s leading installer of new electrical panels and electrical panel upgrading specialist.

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