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Why Install Smoke Detectors?

More than 65% of fire accidents at home take place due to the absence of a proper smoke detector or fire alarm, based on the reports of The Consumer Product Safety Commission. In addition, the presence of a smoke detector can actually reduce the chances of fatal accidents due to fire by half. This is how powerful the device is, yet, people fail to get these installed at home.

Here are the primary reasons why smoke detectors should be installed in every house:

Continuously monitor the safety functionality at home

The primary reason why people install smoke detectors at home is to ensure that the property is safe from fire accidents. We might be present in one room of the house, while the short circuit behind the refrigerator might trigger a fire in the kitchen situated on the other end. The smoke detector monitors this and helps reduce damage.

Real-time monitoring

A lot of smoke detectors offer real-time monitoring features. This is associated with a professional service. Basically, the smoke detectors are staffed on the backend. And every time there is a fire detected by the device, the professionals get in touch and dispatch a team to help out the people in this situation. This immediate action taken by the local authorities works well to reduce damage. This real-time monitoring system is also useful for people who stay away from their homes for work, as they know their property will stay safe.

Peace of mind

One thing is for sure if you have a fire or smoke detectors installed at home, you have your peace of mind, even during work and trips outside. A smoke detector acts as a first layer of protection and safety measures at home. This device warns you of all kinds of dangers related to fires. In effect, you do not have to worry about the kids playing in one corner of the house or the senior citizens resting in another part. Wherever they are, whatever they are doing, they will be safe from fires at home.

Save on insurance costs

A lot of home insurance companies offer a certain discount on the premium if you install a certain smoke detector at home. This proves to be a big advantage. Agreed that smoke detectors can be a little tough on the pockets, but the discount received from the insurance premium can actually take care of the installation and maintenance costs of the device. This is one of the primary reasons why users resort to smoke detectors. Not only are you securing your house with a detector but also cutting down the insurance premium costs to protect the property.

Increases value of property

In the real estate market, the presence of an installed smoke detector can actually increase the value of the property. This means you can fetch a high rent or a selling price for the house. Prospective buyers on real estate websites tend to look for these additions to the property in order to make a better-informed purchase.

The Next Steps

Keeping the points mentioned above in mind, it makes sense to install smoke detectors. What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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