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Ideal National Championship

The Championship

The Ideal National Championship is an annual competition that gives electricians a unique opportunity to showcase their abilities. Recently, the championship was held in Orlando from November 7 to Novinger 9. The Ideal National Championship is an exclusive platform for both professional and apprentice electricians to compete with each other in different activities to demonstrate their exceptional skills. The championship became a global event this year when people from the United States and around the world took part in it.

The Championship Format

There are four rounds in The Ideal National Championship. Before the start of every round, contestants were given ten minutes to read instructions and guidelines. In these 10 minutes, participants had to come up with their particular setup plan. After the start of a round, electricians raced to complete their tasks quickly and complete their electrical installation perfectly. Marking criteria included many aspects of electrical abilities. And the judges allocated marks based on the factors such as requirements of the NEC, how consistent the work was, how detailed was the installation of the panel, and how stable and safe the installation was.

Canadian Contestants

More than 55,000 electricians sought to qualify for the event. Overall qualified competitors were 162 and they all competed for the total cash prize of more than $600,000 throughout the entire event and the national champion title prize was $75,000. It was an exciting weekend; the contestants were very charged and their families were there supporting them enthusiastically. There were 18 Canadian participants. Zach Agombar who belonged to Clinton, Ontario, was participating in the Student/Apprentice group. He was given a special appreciation as the first Canadian to reach the semi-finals. Another Canadian, Paul Hannania was competing for the second time. He earned the title of the fastest Canadian for the second consecutive year.

Paul Hannania belongs to Calgary, Alberta, Canada and he joined this championship for the second time in a row. He competed in the inaugural International Final, his rivals included a few of the fastest electricians from the USA, China, and Australia. Paul said that he prefers to work fast, so working against the clock was not an issue for him. But he added that going fast was not enough. Instead, speed was necessary along with clean work and there should be no mistakes. After earning the fastest Canadian distinction, he is all set to compete in the next championship. Other local Calgary electricians must be inspired by Paul to compete for the spot of the best electricians in Calgary. some of the other professional Canadians who participated are Tommy Carducci from Alberta; Brett Castein, Dyllan Ellis, Lance Giesbrecht, Matt Melanson, and Jordan Pratt from Ontario; Trevor Neels from British Colombia and Philippe Despatie from Quebec.

Next Championship

The next Ideal national championship is scheduled in November 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee. Online registration for qualifying rounds is already open. This completion is branded as a family event so the electricians from around the world are encouraged to participate along with their families and friends.

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