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Identification of Knob and Tube Wiring

The knob and tube wiring system are also known as open wiring system. This wiring system came into existence when electricity and associated installations were allowed in domestic buildings. If you are planning to buy a house that was built before 1940, you have to get its inspection done before you make a decision. You are recommended to hire services of professional electricians and make a visit to the house and check its wiring system. This is because you may face numerous challenges if the installed wiring system in the house is knob and tube.

The appearance of Knob and Tube Wiring

knob and tube dangers

Even today, you may find the knob and tube wiring systems in old houses. The identification of this wiring system is very easy. You can easily identify the wiring by its ceramic, white color, and spool-shaped tubes and knobs. The wires are passing through knobs that are offering support to the wires. Ceramic tubes are protecting the wires from any tension and overheating. It is not possible for the knob and tube wiring system to be hidden in the walls of the house. Therefore, if the wiring system is present in the house then it has to be on the walls visible to your eyes.

Safety Identification of Knob and Tube Wiring

It is a matter of fact that knob and tube wiring is still legal, however, it is strongly not recommended because of its disadvantages. This is because there was a lesser number of devices and appliances to be used in old times. Such type of wiring will not suit the present day where we have electronic appliances ready to be used 24/7. Therefore, using this wiring for the operation of the heavy electrical load will result in a hazard.

knob and tube wiring

The hazards are caused due to a number of drawbacks that knob and tube wiring possess. For example, one of the biggest drawbacks is that it doesn’t have any ground wire or grounding mechanism. Therefore, if a person touches the live wire accidentally, then death or serious injury is certain. The knob and tube wiring has an only neutral and live wire and proposes a huge safety risk. Compounding damage is another threat offered by knob and tube wiring Calgary. As mentioned earlier, the wires are insulated through wrapping in cotton cloth soaked in asphalt or rubber which peels off and has wear and tear with time. This also exposes humans and animals to the severe danger of getting shocked or it even catches fire.

In case if any changes are to be made in the building having a knob and tube wiring system, it bears challenges to move the wires suspended on walls in heavy ceramic tubes. Therefore, even minor changes can have a disruption in the entire structure of the building. There is a requirement to have added insulation all over the wiring system for protection against over-heating. The additional covering for insulation may lead to any damage to wires inside unknowingly making a disaster. Making any improper connection may also result in havoc. While making changes to the wiring system, numerous house owners believed they can manage it, but later they found themselves in huge trouble of hazards such as short circuits, appliance rapture, and even fire incidents.

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